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Kicking Feds Feed Families Campaign into High Gear - August 24th


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Dear Colleagues,

As the Feds Feed Families campaign kicks into high gear throughout the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), we have big plans at FLETC to feed our homeland’s families and have some fun in the process. Check out our FLETC Feds Feed Families website, where you will find guidelines for giving, information on most wanted items, news, and status updates on FLETC’s progress toward meeting our goal of 50,000 pounds in 2018! Once again, the directorates will compete to take possession of the FLETC Feds Feed Families Trophy.

Donating to Feds Feed Families has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can shop online and your donations will go directly to your local food bank. No driving to the supermarket, no carrying bags of cans. Simply follow this link, and your directorate will receive credit in our annual FLETC directorate competition.

Speaking of competition, we already have some major events planned that I know I can count on the FLETC family to support:

  • Canstruction – All Sites (Now through September 17) - This is a new DHS-wide competition. More details coming soon!
  • Pool Raft Race – Glynco (September 12) - We’re reviving the competition from 2016. Get ready to race!
  • Silent Auction – Glynco (September 25) - Bring cans to bid on your favorite items!
  • Human Foosball Tournament – Glynco (October 10) - Back by popular demand! The Glynco Training Directorate (“The GTD Crew”) is last year’s champion. Can they keep their title?
  • Water Raft Race – Charleston (October 12) - The Coast Guard team holds the title – who will beat them this year?
  • Cornhole Tournament – Charleston (October 18) - An annual tradition! Stretch your tossing arm, and come hungry to also participate in the chili cookoff!

Watch the events calendar for more events being added in Glynco, Artesia, Charleston, and Cheltenham! Carmen Menefee and other members of our FLETC Feds Feed Families team will send details about each of these events. I look forward to seeing which directorate CAN raise the most food!

Through the Feds Feed Families effort, we have an opportunity to demonstrate that we are part of the communities in which we work. Whether in Glynco, Artesia, Charleston, or Cheltenham, I know you share my concern for those in need. Thank you for all you will do to help FLETC reach our goal this year.

Thomas J. Walters