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Hurricane Irma Update as of 9:52 PM September 10, 2017


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Public Service Announcement

Contact:  Dhwani Patel


Tornado conditions possible for Glynn County

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga.- The most significant impacts of the storm will be felt late tonight and early tomorrow. Glynn County Officials are urging citizens to shelter-in-place for the duration of the storm.

Glynn County is still under a tropical storm warning and a storm surge warning, with the addition of a hurricane, tornado, and flash flood watch. The area is expecting to see winds of over 58 mph, storm surge of 4 – 6 feet on the ocean front, and a flooding risk of 2 – 3 feet in low lying neighborhoods along waterways. In addition, a possibility of river flooding is predicted as well as 8 – 12 inches of forecasted rain.

A curfew is still in effect for Glynn County from midnight to 6:00 a.m. As a combined effort, officers from the Glynn County Police Department, Glynn County Sheriff’s Office, Brunswick Police Department, and School Resource Officers have completed over 1,800 neighborhood patrols thus far to ensure the safety of the community.

As a reminder, any intersection with a flashing traffic light or no power should be treated like a 4-way stop. Please be mindful of the safety of officers and crews working on roadways. In addition, county offices and courts will be closed on Monday, September 11 and Tuesday, September 12.

Glynn County officials continue to monitor the storm and advise the public to prepare for deteriorating weather conditions. Another update will be released prior to noon tomorrow, Monday, September 10.