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Hurricane Irma Update as of 8:00 AM September 7, 2017


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The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia, currently falls within the National Weather Service’s “Cone of Uncertainty” for Hurricane Irma. 

Although Glynn County has not issued a mandatory evacuation, staff members are encouraged to begin reviewing plans and making arrangements now should our area be impacted in any way.  Likely impacts will be coastal flooding, heavy rainfall, and damaging winds.  Current weather conditions are being caused by a nor’easter off the coast that will bring soaking rains prior to impacts felt by Hurricane Irma.

The FLETC’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) will continue to be used to provide updates to all FLETC employees on the status of the weather emergency.  All employees who are needed to assist during this time will also be notified accordingly via ENS. The ENS will advise all FLETC employees if there is any change to the administrative excusal.

It is important to closely monitor this storm over the next couple of days.  We will continue to monitor and provide updates as needed on the internet, social media, the FLETC mobile app, and the FLETC 1-800 number (see list below).

Stay tuned to your local TV stations and radios for any further storm updates.

1-800-79FLETC or 1-800-793-5382 – Main Page under Hurricane Irma Updates

On Twitter - @FLETC1/

On Facebook – FLETC Headquarters/

FLETC Mobile App – available at the Apple Store and Google Play