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Hurricane Irma Update as of 6:40 PM September 10, 2017


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FLETC Staff,

Hurricane Irma continues moving through Florida and is expected to arrive in Georgia on Monday, September 11, 2017. It may take at least 24 hours to clear through FLETC in Brunswick and then an additional 24 hours to clear through Charleston. 

Because of the slow movement of the storm the FLETC Glynco and Charleston sites will remain closed through Tuesday, September 12, 2017. All staff are granted extended administrative leave for Tuesday, September 12. 

Staff and students evacuated to Douglas, GA will return to FLETC once the recovery team confirms base support operations are available. 

The FLETC’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) will be used to provide updates to all FLETC employees on the status of the weather emergency, as well as for accountability after the storm passes. All employees who are needed to assist during this time will also be notified accordingly via ENS. Information will also be posted on; Facebook:; Twitter:; FLETC Mobile and 1-800-79FLETC (1-800-793-5382). Stay tuned to your local TV stations and radios for any further storm updates.