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Hurricane Irma Update as of 6:05 PM September 9, 2017


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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement: September 9, 2017
Contact:  Dhwani Patel

Glynn County under storm surge and flash flood watch

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga.- Storm surge and flash flood watches have been declared for all areas of Glynn County in addition to the tropical storm warning. Effects of 55-65 mph winds could be felt as soon as tomorrow, Sunday, September 10, at midnight. As a precaution, Georgia DOT will be closing the Sydney Lanier Bridge at noon on Sunday, September 10. While no roads are closed at this time, conditions are due to deteriorate with the incoming storm and may make driving hazardous. Eight to 15 inches of rainfall and up to four feet of storm surge are expected and the coastal areas of the county may see flooding and high winds.

According to the Joint Water and Sewer Commission, water and sewer service will be terminated on St. Simons Island at 2:00 P.M. Sunday, September 10 to facilitate a systematic or controlled shutdown of assets prior to Hurricane Irma’s impact on the island late that evening. Water and sewer systems will be restored on St. Simons Island as soon as the storm passes and permanent power is re-established provided that assets have not been damaged by storm effects. Water and sewer service will not be turned off on the mainland by JWSC. Water service will be maintained on the mainland unless water lines or assets are damaged by storm effects to such a degree that water service can’t be maintained.

Hurricane Irma is currently slowing over Cuba and has the potential to gain strength over the warm waters of the Straits of Florida adding more unpredictability to this storm. Glynn County officials continue to monitor the storm and advise the public to prepare for deteriorating weather conditions. Another public service announcement will be released by noon Sunday, September 10, 2017.