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eFLETC: Innovative Online Law Enforcement Training

eFLETC: Innovative Online Law Enforcement Training
For Immediate Release
By: Brandon Spragins, FLETC OPA

GLYNCO, Ga. - eFLETC, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) Learning Management System (LMS), recently demonstrated its diverse capabilities with the successful pilot of the Law Enforcement Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training two-week program in Glynco, GA. This highlighted one of the many critical roles in enhancing law enforcement education. eFLETC provides interactive tools and resources. Currently, 156 training programs use eFLETC.

eFLETC's modernizes training methods for FLETC. These encompass engaging modules, real-world scenarios, and interactive simulations to enhance effectiveness. Anytime, anywhere access enables continual skill refinement, law updates, and seamless collaboration, ensuring preparedness to safeguard America.

"eFLETC can dramatically reshape the training environment across the centers by leveraging the full range of training tools available in an online environment to reduce costs, provide support and remediation, and grow the number of hands-on, reality-based training for all students during their time on center," said Brett Helm, Instructional Systems Specialist.

The learning platform’s roots trace back to 2018, when FLETC recognized the necessity for more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective training solutions in response to the evolving law enforcement landscape. Initially integrating online components into the curriculum, eFLETC gradually evolved into a centralized platform offering multimedia content, interactive activities, and collaboration tools.

Currently, 27% of eFLETC-based training programs make use of the interactive training tools, such as discussion boards and continuous case studies; meanwhile, the remaining 73% benefit from features like end-of-course surveys and secure access to student materials. This flexibility ensures that eFLETC caters to various training methodologies and requirements within the law enforcement community.

Feedback from users underscores the platform's effectiveness and utility. Ken Parks, a Branch Chief, commended eFLETC's efficiency during a recent training iteration, highlighting its role in simplifying testing and providing real-time feedback to instructors and students.

Dawn Kicklighter, a Training Technician, emphasized eFLETC's role in streamlining administrative tasks and ensuring compliance with required documentation while facilitating communication and emergency notifications.

Sylvia Boykin, Senior Training Research Analyst stated, "eFLETC is an excellent platform that brings all the functionalities needed for fully online or blended learning for students that meets the needs today and for the future."

Looking ahead, eFLETC intends to integrate more cutting-edge technology to improve learning experiences, evaluate training outcomes, and deliver advanced analytics. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, eFLETC is poised to continue advancing law enforcement training for the betterment of communities nationwide.

For programs leveraging eFLETC LMS/Learning Platform, an account will be autogenerated and provided to the student via email. If needing assistance eLearning and Training Analytics Division has a team ready to assist. Students and staff may utilize the email address group for questions or concerns.

Personnel should contact their agency training officer to register for training.  For additional questions, contact FLETC Admissions or call (912) 267-3447. State, local, and tribal officers requesting training should register online. International (non-US) personnel should email


Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
Office of Public Affairs
Contact: 912-267-2447