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Cybercrime & Technical Investigations Training Conference (CYCON)


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CYCON 2022 was a great success, and we want to maintain the momentum by communicating feedback from last year’s event as we begin planning for the next CYCON in 2024. We recognize we will not be able to meet every attendee’s request; however, we do take your feedback seriously and each year we have made changes based on your feedback. We want to thank you for supporting CYCON. Here are a few of the comments provided last year:

"The organization of the conferences was first-rate. Everything was clear and easy to follow. The presentations were really well done and informative."

"Great speakers. Nice variety of content. Glad to see presentation offered multiple times in case you are in a different session; you didn't miss out on an important topic."

"Networking with fellow law enforcement agents and analysts. I also found it beneficial to talk with several current FLETC instructors since having graduated from CITP back in February 2022."

"Knowledgeable presenters who were willing to share information."


We are in the early stages of preparing for CYCON 2024. Please come back to our site periodically for FLETC Cyber training updates and for information about next year’s CYCON. See you soon.

Upcoming FLETC Cyber Training events in 2nd quarter 2023:

Name Title
Cyber Tech Talks: Vo_CTT_CY-2305 / Virtual
Mar 1, 2023
  Vo_CTT_CY-2306 / Virtual
Apr 5, 2023

Register Online at: (Search Term: Cyber Tech Talks)

Name Title
Covert Electronic Surveillance Program (CESP): CESP-2304 / Glynco, GA
Mar 6-17, 2023
Covert Electronic Tracking Program (CETP): CETP-2302 / Glynco, GA
Mar 20-24, 2023
Digital Evidence Acquisition Specialist Training (DEASTP): DEASTP-2302 / Glynco, GA
Feb 27 - Mar 10, 2023
Digital Evidence Collection in an Enterprise Environment (DECEE): DECEE-2302 / Glynco, GA
Mar 13 - 24, 2023
Internet Investigations Training Program (IITP): IITP-2304 / Glynco, GA
Feb 27 - Mar 10, 2023
  IITP-2305 / Glynco, GA
Mar 27-31, 2023
JTAG / Chip-off for Smartphones Training Program (JCSTP): JCSTP-2301 / Glynco, GA
Mar 27-31, 2023