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Criminal Investigator Training Program

56 Training Days
Locations Offered
Accreditation Status


The tasks of contemporary law enforcement are complex and challenging. Essential to effective performance as a criminal investigator is a comprehensive and progressive formal training program, which provides assurance that new practitioners are fully equipped to meet the rigorous demands of the environment in which they will operate.

FLETC’s Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP) provides, on an interagency basis, a program of instruction that fulfills all the basic criminal investigative training requirements necessary for responsible and competent job performance. Rather than being agency-specific, the program addresses common knowledge, skills, and abilities that are expected of all investigators. In today's changing world, criminal investigators are faced with a variety of situations that, in addition to traditional law enforcement skills, require an awareness of and expertise in human behavior, modern technology, cultural sensitivity, law, and other interdisciplinary approaches to effective law enforcement. The CITP is designed to meet these training needs as identified through systematic program monitoring in the form of validation studies and continuous research, which includes feedback from Partner Organizations (POs). 

Lecture, laboratories, practical exercises and written exams are used to ensure that each trainee acquires the critical knowledge, skills and abilities required of new criminal investigators. Throughout the program, the trainees must participate as a member of a small task force team in a Continuing Case Investigation. Interviewing of witnesses along with surveillance and undercover operations enable the students to develop a case, write and execute search and arrest warrants, write a criminal complaint, obtain an indictment, and testify in a courtroom hearing.

The POs and FLETC divisions participating in the CITP have conducted Curriculum Review Conferences (CRCs) in July 2003, August 2005, March 2009 and most recently, April 2012.  On July 11, 2013, The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board granted reaccreditation status to the CITP. 


This program is designed for full-time law enforcement agents or officers from the Partner Organizations (PO). Each PO sets the standards in recruiting and designating employees for training.  After the individuals have been selected, they are sent by that organization to the FLETC. Attendees must meet their agency’s recruitment standards and the FLETC Physical Performance Requirements prior to arriving for the training program.

Required Training Materials


Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Improvised Explosive Devices-IED
  • Building Blocks of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Strategy
  • Overview of Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • CIKR Physical Security Overview
  • CIKRTP Identification and Cross Sector-Interdependencies and Dependencies
  • CIKR Risk Management-Consequences, Vulnerabilities and Threats
  • CIKR Assessment Methodologies
  • CIKR Practical Exercise
  • Computer Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures

Program Contact Info

lynco: (912) 267-3587

Program Registration