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Campus Policies

Weapons Storage

Students and staff are not allowed to carry or possess their weapons while at the Center. Weapons must be checked in at Building 100, Security Office upon arrival at the Center and may be picked up at Building 100 after graduation. If partner organizations require, special arrangements will be made to permit you to fire your own weapon during training, however, the weapon must be stored in the FLETC weapons vault when not in use. If you wish the use of your personal weapon on a weekend, tell your Agency Class Coordinator. You will be asked to complete a Weapons Check-Out Form by Wednesday prior to the weekend and return it to the Agency class coordinator. If your weapon is used in training, it will not be issued for weekend use if these procedures and timelines are not followed. NOTE: FOR FLETC PURPOSES, a weapon is defined as any operable or inoperable firearm to include: Revolvers, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Automatic Weapons, Air Rifles, BB/Pellet and Cap guns or any device capable of propelling darts or arrows, such as operable bows, compound bows and crossbows.


Annual leave will normally not be granted while you are in training. Leave requests for special situations will be granted only when both the appropriate program manager and organization representative agree that the leave request is reasonable and should be approved. If you are absent from training for three consecutive days, you are subject to removal from training, but may request to return at a later date. Sick leave will be granted when a medical authority certifies your absence from class is due to illness or injury. If you are excused for these purposes, you must remain on center in your quarters or in rehabilitative facilities unless otherwise authorized. If you are absent or planning to be absent due to illness or other emergency, please notify your Agency Class Coordinator in advance of the class when possible. Notification may be made through other class members when direct notification is not practical or possible. For additional information, please refer to the Health Services section of this handbook.


The personal appearance presented by you while at the FLETC is very important. It reflects not only upon the FLETC and the organization you represent, but also upon the law enforcement profession and the United States Government. Therefore, you have a responsibility to observe the minimum standards of personal dress outlined below. If you are not issued your agency’s "Class A" uniform or normally do not serve in a uniformed capacity, you will, on the occasions calling for "Class A" uniforms, wear appropriate business attire, including coat and tie for male students.

Basic Police Students and Land Management Training Students

On the first day of class, and at other designated times throughout the program including graduation, you will wear the “Class A" or dress uniform of your agency, without leather and weapons. You must adhere to the regulations relating to care and proper wearing of the uniform. Normal classroom and field training attire will consist of the fatigue uniform issued at the FLETC that will be worn in the manner prescribed by FLETC regulations. The wearing of the FLETC issued training uniform, including those articles associated with physical training, are not authorized off the FLETC grounds or campus.

Advanced Students

Appropriate attire will consist of relaxed office (shirts must have a collar) or dress apparel as dictated by the activities of the course. Jogging suits, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, "flip-flops", and similar leisure wear are not authorized for training use; denim jeans are acceptable only in lab or field exercises calling for rough wear or exposure to soil, chemicals, etc. In some advanced programs, you will receive the FLETC or agency-issued fatigue uniforms, which will be worn in accordance with FLETC regulations. On special occasions, such as graduations, you are required to wear appropriate business dress, including coat and tie for male students. When the FLETC-issued student uniform is worn, shirts will be buttoned to and including the first button below the collar button, and shirttails will be tucked into your slacks.

Uniform and Equipment Issuance/Exchange/Turn-In

Equipment Issue located in the Physical Techniques Building issues uniforms and physical techniques gear. Your Agency Class Coordinator will notify you of the date and time for uniform pick-up. If uniforms need repair, take them to Equipment Issue for replacement. Please do not attempt to alter or repair uniforms yourself or you may be charged for the item. If any piece of the issued uniform is lost, you will be charged for the cost of replacing the lost item. Payments should be made to the Equipment Issue Office in the exact amount (make checks payable to “FLETC”) when the loss is reported.

Leisure Hours Clothing

Be sure that you bring appropriate leisure and off-duty clothing in order to enjoy your stay in the Land of Enchantment. The climate in Artesia is relatively mild. The temperature ranges from highs between 90 - 100 degrees in the summer and down to zero in the winter months, and can be very unpredictable. Evenings, even in the summer, can dip into the 60’s when a sweater or light jacket will come in handy. Seasonal high winds and associated blowing dirt/sand are common throughout the year. Students with Special Needs If you have a special need, we ask you to notify your organization representative or the FLETC as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. Ground level handicapped dormitory rooms are available, as are refrigeration needs for prescribed medications. These services are available upon request.