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What is the best way to configure my resume?


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What is the best way to configure my resume?

Tailoring your resume to fit the needs of the position offers the best chance/opportunity for consideration. Here are a few suggestions to consider in that configuration:

  • Organize experience in reverse chronological order (latest experience first), as it relates to the experience needed for the position.
  • Include dates of employment, employer, position title, and series/grade for all prior federal positions (replace the latter with salary for all non-federal positions).
  • Utilize bullets rather than paragraphs to succinctly state experience.
  • Consider condensing or listing similar types of experience in bullet format by dates of employment, etc. and then outlining the experience that is shared between/among positions rather than using repetitive explanations for multiple positions.
  • Consider limiting training and certifications to those that current, relevant, and directly related to the position.
  • Prepare a separate list of professional and personal references to provide upon request to the hiring manager or interview panel rather than including on the resume.
  • Review the announcement and ensure your resume reflects the experience that is needed.
    • NOTE: The resume does not need to identify the specialized experience verbatim. FLETC does not use technology to screen for “key words” to determine qualifications. Rather, the review is conducted by a Human Resources Specialist and a Subject Matter Expert. Therefore, your resume should present your qualifications without using extraneous information or words intended to repeat the language in the job opportunity announcement.