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Leadership in Crisis Training Program

3 Training Days
Locations Offered


The Leadership in a Crisis Training Program (LICTP) is a research-based curriculum to help law enforcement officers and emergency managers from Federal, state, local and tribal agencies hone the leadership skills that will be needed during a critical event. Because critical events can vary widely in size, scope and impact, this program focuses on core concepts of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and decision-making that are applicable in virtually any situation. Through the use of innovative technology, LICTP creates an immersive environment that challenges the participants’ ability to apply leadership, interpersonal and decision-making skills in a crisis situation. LICTP addresses Homeland Security and OPM competencies in the areas of Influencing/Negotiating, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, Crisis Management, DHS Joint Enterprise Perspective, Critical & Creative Thinking, and Collaborating and is a complement to FEMA ICS and NIMS training and procedures.


Applicants must be an employee of a federal, state, local or tribal agency or department who may be called upon to serve in a leadership role in crisis situations.

Required Training Materials


Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Leadership in a Crisis

Program Contact Info

Glynco: (912) 267-3025

Program Registration