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Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy Statement

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers are concerned about your privacy. When you visit this site certain information about you is automatically recognized by the web server. Also, it is possible for you to voluntarily provide information to us via this web site. We want you to know how we use (or don't use) this information.

Web Site Information

First, our web server automatically communicates with your computer and certain information is exchanged in order to facilitate your visit to our web pages. Our server automatically recognizes your domain name (in general terms this actually identifies the classification of the Internet Service Provider through which you gain access to the Internet). Examples of common domain types are: com, gov, edu, mil, org, net, and so forth.

The server also identifies your host name. Again, this is generally an identification of the Internet Service Provider you use.

None of the above information identifies you as a specific customer nor does it provide any phone numbers, names, e-mail or postal addresses. In essence, we can identify where you came from, in terms of internet access, but cannot determine who you are or where you are specifically located. We get no personal information of any kind.

The above information is used for web site management purposes only and can in no way be used to identify you.

Voluntarily Provided Information

We collect no information on customers who visit our web pages. However, if you elect to use some of the features of our pages, then you will be voluntarily providing information to us. There are only two ways in which this is done.

The first is via e-mail. Should you choose to send comments to us or to use one of our e-mail links, then you will actually be sending us an e-mail message. In the message header we will receive your return e-mail address. We will use that return address to respond back to you if a response is appropriate. Further, it is possible that you might include personal information in your message to us. If that is the case, we will use that information in responding to you.

The second way is that you might fill out a form on the site which is then transmitted to us. If the form asks for information covered by the Privacy Act, then the appropriate Privacy Act notice will be included with that form. The information will be used only for the stated purpose.

General Policy

Regardless of how we obtain information about you, that information is never sold or provided to another source for any purpose. You will never be contacted by us or anyone else simply because you visited our site. We only contact you if you ask us to do so or subscribe to our mailing list.

The transmission of information to the FLETC via the web page is not secure. We do not currently have the capability of transferring information in a secure environment.

Point of Contact for Clarification

For clarification or additional information you may contact the FLETC Disclosure Officer.

The postal address is:

Disclosure Officer
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Glynco, GA 31524
Building 94

The phone number is (912) 261-4524.