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History of Glynco Naval Air Station


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Located in the flat pinelands north of Brunswick, GA, is the former Glynco Naval Air Station, a base for the Navy’s fleet of airships, commonly known as blimps, which patrolled the coast for marauding German submarines during World War II.  The NAS property is now home to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).  Established in 1942, Glynco played an important role in the defense of the southern Atlantic coast during the war and greatly contributed to the cultural and economic life of Brunswick and Glynn County. 

Interest in the legacy of Glynco has increased in recent years resulting in the installation of two new exhibits on the history of the base, one at the FLETC visitor’s center and one at the Brunswick Airport.  This popular history brochure accompanies a third exhibit installed at the Brunswick Public Library in the continuing effort to interpret the significant history of Glynco to the public.