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Sample Recommendation Letter


Recommendation/Regional Security Officer Letter – FLETC International Visitor/Student

(on Embassy/RSO or U.S. Federal Agency on Official Letterhead)


Kai J. Munshi

Chief Security Officer

Office of Security and Professional Responsibility (Copy to)



International Training Division

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers

1131 Chapel Crossing Road 

Glynco, Georgia  31524


Dear Chiefs:

Our office has been requested to provide a letter of recommendation for Mr./Ms. (Applicant’s Full  Name), (Title) of (list applicant’s agency, city and country) to visit the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) for the purpose of (insert purpose here, Type Visit/Training).

NOTE:  Multiple visitors/students may be included in one submission.

The following is the required information to process this request:

1.        Applicant/Visitor’s Full Name:          Smith, John D

2.        Applicant/Visitor’s Country:             Brazil

3.        Applicant/Visitor’s Title:                   Investigator

4.        Agency-Ministry/Organization:         Brazil Police Department

5.        Applicant/Visitor’s Place of Birth:    London, England

6.        Applicant/Visitor’s Date of Birth:      11/4/1956

7.         Purpose of Visit/Training Program Requested:    Meet with FLETC representatives to discuss XXXX training programs OR Physical Security Training Program (PSTP-555)

8.         Requested Visit/Training Date(s):      7/30/06-08/05/06        

9.         FLETC Site(s) to be Visited:      FLETC/Glynco, GA; FLETC/Artesia, NM; FLETC/Charleston; and/or FLETC/Cheltenham, MD

10.       Mr. Smith is a sworn Law Enforcement Officer with the law enforcement agency name as a title. 

(If the applicant is not affiliated with law enforcement, provide the name of the agency or organization with which the applicant is affiliated and a clarification of why the applicant should be admitted to a law enforcement course/provided access to a FLETC site).

11.       This office has conducted a thorough background investigation, and verified the professional status of the above individual, including their role or affiliation in law enforcement, as well as that the individual poses no health or security risk to the United States or to FLETC.  Applicant(s) names have been submitted and vetted pursuant to the Leahy Amendment and no derogatory information has been found.  The visit of this individual will be a benefit to the U.S. Government by/because (List the benefits).

12.      (If this official letter does not come from the closest U.S. Embassy where the applicant works, add the following statement.)

The Regional Security Officer (name), at the U.S. Embassy in (location), who can be contacted at (list telephone number – include country code, email address, fax number and mailing address), is fully aware of this individual and concurs with this request for them to visit the FLETC.

13.       Mr. Smith is 85% proficient in English (oral communication, written communication, and reading comprehension). (Applicable for students only).

14.      Mr. Smith has met all prerequisites established for the training program. (Applicable for students only).

15.       Mr. Smith is recommended for the (name of training course/purpose of visit).

If you have any questions please contact, me at (list telephone number, email address and mailing address).


                                                                                               (Type Name)

                                                                                               (Type Title)