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FLETC Pilots IBOT Course

For Immediate Release
August 31, 2006

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) will conduct a pilot
Inland Boat Operators Training Program (IBOT), this September in Glynco, Ga.

Instructors from FLETC’s Marine Training Branch in cooperation with Federal,
State and local agencies developed the IBOT to address the needs of those law
enforcement agencies tasked with guarding our Nation’s lakes and inland
waterways.  These waterways are a popular draw for nearly 70 million
recreational vessels. 

The IBOT program was designed to teach basic skills to those officers with
limited vessel handling experience enabling them to safely operate their boat in
a law enforcement capacity.  Many of the courses are taught in underway
lecture/laboratory setting, which maximizes the time spent on the water. 

The one-week program covers vessel handling, marlinespike seamanship,
preventative maintenance, safety and emergency equipment, inland navigation
rules, trailering, emergency procedures, and inland piloting.  The course also
includes a night piloting exercise, which familiarizes the student with the use
of radar and Global Positioning System.  Since so many law enforcement
responsibilities are conducted during nighttime hours, it is imperative students
be exposed to night-piloting exercises.

“This new program has taken considerable time, effort, and commitment to
create,” explained Marine Branch Chief Ringan Doty.  “We believe it presents a
curriculum that is relevant, progressive, integrated, and safe for the law
enforcement community.  As with any new system, it will take time to validate;
however, we will constantly monitor and review its progress.”

Class size is limited to 24 students, and applicants must be either police or
peace officers with marine law enforcement duties that do not require offshore
operations.  The IBOT program will be offered four times during the 2007 fiscal
year; however, agencies may request additional courses as needed.

For more information, contact FLETC’s Driver Marine Division at 912-267-3235.