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The FLETC Celebrates its 40th Anniversary and Nation of Nations Event

For Immediate Release
October 7, 2010

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) celebrated its 40th Anniversary and Nation of Nations event, Thursday, October 7, 2010.

Director Connie L. Patrick opened the celebration with welcoming remarks highlighting FLETC’s milestones during the 40 years of successful training supported by a talented and diverse staff. She contributed FLETC’s success by stating, “We are a product of all the attributes we bring to the table. When we embrace our individuality; we enrich our collective culture.”

The Director continued to commemorate the accomplishments of FLETC from its establishment in 1970 noting that through all the growth and changes, “Our mission is and always has been training those who protect our homeland. For 40 years, the dedicated professionals who make up our workforce have been the wellspring of energy and innovation that have led to every success we’ve enjoyed as an organization.”

Throughout the afternoon, DHS staff, community leaders, including those who were involved in the relocation of FLETC to the Brunswick area and Partner Organization staff joined the FLETC staff and students in festivities that represented the many nations that influence the FLETC and enrich our nation. Samples of ethnic food from nations around the world and cultural performances showcased our rich heritage.

Booths representative of multiple nationalities and special interest groups were open for guests as they leisurely walked around the Nation of Nations exhibits. Among the groups featured were African-American, Asian Pacific Islander, Hispanic, American Indian, Spanish, Norwegian, Scots, Caribbean Islanders, Greeks, French, German, Irish, Middle Easterners, Far Easterners, Italians and others. Guests were presented with a commemorative Nation of Nations lapel pin.