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Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Volunteers Participate in Girl Scout Day Camp

For Immediate Release
June 21, 2006

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) volunteers from the Forensic and
Investigative Technologies Division (FIT) gave presentations on June 20 at the
Marshes of Glynn Girl Scout Day Camp at the Blythe Island Region Park. 

In conjunction with this year’s theme, Girl Scout Investigators, the
presentations focused on the techniques of forensic science for a criminal
investigation.  With 170 girls from six to twelve years of age, representing
more than 35 Girl Scout troops, FLETC staff volunteers presented lessons in
personal safety, fingerprinting techniques, water safety, casting footprints,
observation skills and drug prevention.  The girls were also given the
opportunity to interview men and women in various law enforcement careers.  Some
of the older scouts will earn the “Uncovering the Evidence” patch while at

After viewing a mock drug lab and interaction with a FIT instructor, first
grader Sarah Parker said, “I learned that some drugs can be bad and they can
kill you.”  According to the instructor, by the time a child is in the fourth or
fifth grade, they have been exposed to the world of illegal drugs, thus, there
is a major effort to educate children at an early age.

After collecting her DNA by swabbing her mouth and pulling out strands of
hair, Elizabeth Dimsdale, a third grader, stated that the swab didn’t taste good
and that it tickled her mouth.  When asked about having strands of her hair
pulled out by the roots, she said, “It didn’t hurt.”  Each scout placed her swab
in a sealed envelope, secured the hair to the envelope and was instructed to
give the envelope to her parents for safekeeping. 

The presentations concluded with the FLETC volunteers reviewing with the girl
scouts the importance of planning and preparing for their personal safety.  The
volunteers emphasized the need for a family code word, a buddy system, a
separation plan, as well as many other important factors in the event of an

“All of our activities are guided by the Girl Scout Promise and Law and our
mission to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world
a better place.  Our camp is planned and carried out entirely by dedicated Girl
Scout volunteers with the assistance of wonderful community resources such as
FLETC staff members,” according to Milann Gannaway, camp coordinator.