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The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Presents Gifts to CASA

For Immediate Release
December 14, 2010

In the fourteenth annual event, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), partner organizations (POs) and contractors helped provide a Christmas for area children who are part of the Court Appointed Advocates (CASA) program. Employees purchased and wrapped hundreds of gifts worth approximately $20,000 for 114 children enrolled in the program. These gifts were presented to the CASA volunteers in a ceremony at the FLETC auditorium on December 10. The CASA is a non-profit organization of volunteers, who are assigned by the court as a child’s advocate in cases of abuse or neglect.

Linda Fennell, FLETC CASA Coordinator, acknowledged the CASA volunteers and thanked everyone for their generosity, “There are no words that I can say that would make this any better. Without you, we just couldn’t have met the children’s needs.”

Ed McGuire of the Glynco Training Directorate addressed the audience, commending them for their unselfishness and generosity, “to ensure children in the program have the joy of opening gifts on Christmas.” 

He applauded the efforts of Ms. Fennell, the CASA volunteers and the participants to provide for the children during a time when news of a struggling economy is a real concern for everyone. Mr. McGuire stated, “That generous, caring people like you rise well above all that to give unselfishly and abundantly of your time and gifts to these children. Though they may never see you, you have made a positive contribution to their lives.”