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The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and Armstrong Atlantic State University Enter into Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

For Immediate Release
December 13, 2006

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU) entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) this week after two years of extensive planning. FLETC Director Connie Patrick met with AASU Assistant to the President Dr. William Megathlin on December 11 for the official signing of the agreement.

The CRADA initiative was first pursued by FLETC’s Computer and Financial Investigations Division (CFI) at a time when rapid integration of technology to include both software and hardware was paramount for effectively creating a training curriculum responsive to new threats initiated through cyber capabilities.

“Prior to the FLETC receiving CRADA authority, there was no effective tool allowing components within the FLETC to enter into trusted relationships with other agencies, the private sector, and academia that enabled the conduct of research and development of new tools and methodologies,” explained Wayne Anderson CFI Technology Investigations Branch Chief.

FLETC’s CFI and the AASU School of Computing will undertake a joint training delivery and evaluation project to determine the feasibility of including certain educational components of computer science and information technology security fundamentals in law enforcement oriented computer forensics training programs. This program will foster the development of investigative methodologies and tools relevant to Internet investigations, computer forensics, and cyber security.

"This is an extremely exciting opportunity for Armstrong Atlantic State University and our new Cyber and Homeland Security Institute as well as for FLETC,” stated Dr. Megathlin. “Armstrong has had a long running relationship with FLETC and the ability to pool the resources of our two organizations to foster research and development as well as academics will greatly benefit the Homeland Security, law enforcement, and cyber security communities. We are pleased about the cooperative agreement and believe it will bring the strengths of the Center and the University together in a way that provides great benefits to our nation's security."

"The FLETC and AASU staffs are to be commended for accomplishing this milestone,” Director Patrick noted. “I am proud to represent FLETC as we enter into this agreement with Armstrong Atlantic State University. This effort benefits both organizations with the exchange of instructor personnel and mutually beneficial research. This is another means by which the FLETC ensures that its training programs provide the most current information and technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its instructional methods and course content to best serve its partners and clients."