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Orlando, Florida

The FLETC Orlando team, located in Orlando, FL, evaluates new and existing training technologies for their ability to meet law enforcement training needs.

Utilizing knowledge of the FLETC training methodology and course content, the team seeks both new and existing technologies for potential integration into the FLETC training regimen. Forging partnerships with the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force for training and simulation systems, the University of Central Florida, and industry throughout the United States, the team ensures that the FLETC is aware of the current state of technology and technology integration within those markets.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Foraging for new and existing technology that can be used for law enforcement training programs;
  • Developing prototype and demonstration systems;
  • Initializing new production projects and programs;
  • Managing programs and projects underway with Department of Defense and industry partners in the Orlando, FL area;
  • Participating on the Team Orlando Board of Directors;
  • Participating on the Central Florida Department of Homeland Security Partners organization;
  • Providing FLETC leadership with insight and advice into current practices, trends and issues with modeling and simulation technologies;
  • In coordination with the Washington Office, liaising with local elected representatives on modeling, simulation and training issues; and
  • Introducing potential projects or technologies to FLETC for integration into training programs.

Team Orlando Partners:

  • US Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division
  • US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training & Instrumentation
  • US Marine Corps Program Manager for Training Systems
  • US Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation
  • Joint Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Lab
  • Veterans Health Administration Simulation Learning, Education and Research Network
  • US Army Simulation & Training Technology Center
  • University of  Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation and Training
  • National Center for Simulation

Contact Information

Michael Robbs
FLETC Law Enforcement Technology Liaison
12211 Science Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32826-3224

Phone: (407) 380-4374

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