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Glynco Housing

The FLETC’s housing policy is established by Federal law and requires you to reside in on-center or FLETC provided housing. Whether housed on-Center or off- Center, you are accountable for your room and its furnishings.

Upon arrival, you should inspect the condition of your room and all items in the room. If housed on-Center, any damaged, broken, or missing items should be reported to the Desk Clerk. Unreported damage to your room, found later, will be charged to you. If housed off-Center, you should report damaged, broken, or missing items to the hotel front desk clerk upon check-in. This report can be made at any time of the day or night. You are responsible for ensuring that your guest(s) comply with all regulations. You will be held liable for any loss and/or damage that your guest(s) causes and you may be subject to disciplinary action.

Dorm Information

All FLETC on-Center dormitories are heated and air-conditioned. Towels may not be taken out of the housing facilities. Bed and bath linens must be left in your room, readily available for the housekeeping staff to exchange. Housekeeping Services are provided daily, Monday - Friday, excluding Holidays. You will receive one set of bath linen each day and extra sets for Weekends and Federal Holidays.  Additional bath linen is available upon request. Bed linen is changed once each week.

Your room will be equipped with the following items:

  • sheets
  • bedspread
  • pillowcase
  • blanket
  • towels
  • wash cloths
  • television
  • DVD player
  • small dormitory refrigerator
  • coffee pot
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • safe

Do not mix personal items with soiled linens and towels that are to be picked up by housekeeping.

Rooms should be kept neat, with all personal items properly stored. You must clean up any trash and remove personal items from the floor, bed, and furniture so the housekeeper can clean your room. Housekeepers will not move personal items in order to clean and dust. Put away any potentially offensive materials.

To prevent insects from visiting, stored food must be limited to snacks and kept in air tight containers. Small amounts of beer (or other alcoholic beverages) are permitted inside the dorm rooms for personal consumption. Small appliances, such as irons, curling irons, and hair dryers should be turned off and unplugged after each use.

Furniture should not be removed or relocated to another room. In addition, furniture should never be placed on balconies or taken to other outdoor areas. If you rearrange furniture within your room, ensure that it does not impede housekeeping.

The following items are prohibited inside of the FLETC dormitory rooms:

  • Firearms
  • Flammable materials
  • Open flames, such as candles
  • Cooking grills (not permitted in the dormitory area, use provided grill area)
  • Coolers containing ice
  • Beer kegs
  • Pets
  • The use of tobacco products, including vapor cigarette products
  • Bicycles


Safes are provided in all FLETC on-Center dormitories for student use. You are responsible for safeguarding valuables that are left in your room. Please ensure that no valuables are left unsecured.

Dorm Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., 7 days per week. These hours will be strictly enforced for the benefit of all students. Students should not have to wait until quiet hours in order to study, so be respectful at all times. When asked to turn the volume down or move your conversation away from outside of someone’s room or take the party somewhere else, simply comply with the request. Remember, our mission and focus is to train law enforcement officers and we expect differences to be resolved professionally and respectfully. During quiet hours, the following is strictly prohibited in the dormitory areas:

  • Loud music
  • Washing or drying clothes
  • Loud talking and disruptive noises
  • Dormitory room parties

Students can report violations of quiet hours, by contacting FLETC Security at (912) 267-2461 or (912) 267-2100.

Failure to observe the stated quiet hours may result in disciplinary action.

Room Changes

Requests for room changes must be submitted to your Program Specialist or agency representative for review. Your request to change rooms must be supported. The Program Specialist or agency representative will assist to resolve maintenance or personal issues prior to making room changes. Requests for room changes must be approved by the Student Services Division (SSD).

Dorm Facilities

Television rooms, study rooms and recreational game rooms are located in Buildings 72, 98, 271, 276, and 278 for your enjoyment. Washing machines and dryers are available, at no cost to you, in each on-Center housing facility. Detergent is not provided.


Bldgs. 185, 186, and 187:                                      

Laundry rooms are located on floors 2 thru 5 behind the elevators.                                              

Bldgs. 72, 98, 271, 276, and 278:                                           

Laundry rooms are located in each building’s Student Center.

Lost Room Keys

Replacement of a lost room key must be addressed with the on-duty Desk Clerk. In the case of rooms accessed via FLETC card readers, lost I.D. badges must be reported to FLETC Security and replaced at Building 1. Once a new I.D. badge is received, it must be taken to your dormitory Desk Clerk for room access programming.


All rooms are subject to inspection at any time by the Quality Control Contractor, Government COR, or members of the FLETC Security without prior notices. Your Class/Program Coordinator will be contacted concerning any destruction of government property caused by you during your stay.  You may be required to pay for any damages.


If a fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately. Do not attempt to fight the fire.

Problems and Complaints

Problems regarding your room should be the Desk Clerk for resolution by the dorm contractor.. If the problem has not been resolved, please notify your Program Specialist of the problem. Your Program Specialist will notify the Housing COR's. Suspected theft should be reported to the Desk Clerk and also FLETC Security immediately upon discovery.

Housing Areas are Restricted

Only students, FLETC personnel, agency personnel, contract personnel on official business, and authorized guests are permitted in housing areas. Overnight housing of family members or guests is strictly prohibited. Students’ guests are allowed in housing areas Monday through Friday, from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight. On Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays, students’ guests are allowed in housing areas from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight. Violations will be reported to the FLETC Security.

Mold and Mildew Control

Due to the high humidity in coastal Georgia, mold and mildew are persistent problems at the FLETC. Some people are highly susceptible to mold spores, and for such people prolonged exposure can cause discomfort and may even require medical attention. You can help combat these problems by limiting the amount of moisture present in your dorm room. The following measures will reduce the high humidity that encourages the growth of mold and mildew:

  • Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible;
  • Set thermostats to Hi Cool;
  • Run air conditioner fan at the highest speed setting;
  • If a bathroom has an exhaust fan, leave the fan on for at least 5 minutes after showering;
  • Do not attach makeshift air filters to the air vent;
  • Do not take any part of your A/C apart or modify it.

Please contact the Desk Clerk for any maintenance related issues. Conducting your own maintenance on the unit typically results in further damage, which you will be responsible for.

Departure Information

Upon final departure from the FLETC, remove all personal property, dispose of food and trash, unlock your closets and ensure that furniture is returned back to the original arrangement. “Check out” time is no later than 12:00 noon, unless otherwise coordinated with your Program Specialist and approved by SSD. Leave room keys with your respective dormitory Desk Clerk.

Lost & Found/Abandon Property

For all inquiries on lost and found or abandon property, please contact the following numbers:




Off-Center Housing

In some rare cases, off-Center housing is required. In order to maintain consistency, specifications for housekeeping and other services will be similar to on-Center housing. During the training week, during the hours that you are in class, do not place the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on your door. By contract, each hotel facility is required to clean each room five times per week. By placing the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on your door, you are inadvertently asking the facility to violate its contract with the FLETC.  However, if you leave your room during the evening or the weekend, close the curtains and place the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on your door. This is to deter criminal activity.

Always secure your valuables in a safe location. The housing facility will not be responsible for items (i.e., money, laptop computers, jewelry, medications, etc.) left in rooms and not properly secured.

Additional room charges incurred by the occupant (i.e., long distance calls, movies, room service, additional guests, etc.) must be paid by you, to the facility, prior to checking out. You must comply with the rules and regulations of the facility that you are residing in during your training at the FLETC.

Off-Center housing accommodations are subject to inspection by the FLETC to ensure that the contractor is providing the services stated in the contract. If the room inspection reveals a violation for which you are responsible, you will be given a notice.

Please report problems or complaints regarding off-Center housing services to the facility manager. If satisfaction is not achieved in a reasonable period of time, report the matter to your Program Specialist. You should report suspected theft, damage to property, or other security issues to the facility manager and the local police department.