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Critical Communications Skills in Officer/Citizen Encounters Asynchronous Training Program

30 days


The Critical Communications Skills in Officer/Citizen Encounters Asynchronous Training Program, (CCSATP) is an asynchronous Center Advanced program designed to train and teach law enforcement critical communication skills during law enforcement/citizen encounters.  These skills are science-based and field-proven.  The skills are designed to defuse conflict through a greater understanding of diverse communities and different communication styles.  The curriculum for these topics is supported by peer reviewed research and behavioral science.   

Topics include implicit bias/ explicit bias, duty to intervene, racial profiling, law enforcement, fairness, intercultural communications, rapport building, Cylinder Model of communication, Motivational Interviewing / ORBIT Model, and Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion are all based on settled behavioral science and peer-reviewed research.  This program incorporates these communication principles to avoid, neutralize and defuse conflicts in officer citizen encounters, through lecture and lab exercises, to practice the application of these skills. “De-escalation” is the desired outcome during critical encounters.   

The goal of CCSATP is to teach critical communication skills in officer citizen encounters geared toward conflict control based on scientific principles of human behavior.  This program will consist of lecture and decision based laboratory exercises where students will practice these critical skills in the asynchronous, Computer Based Training environment.  



Law Enforcement Officer with the ability to be vetted for inclusion in eFLETC.

Required Training Materials

Access to a computer with internet.

Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Use of Authority, Core Values, Biases, Strengths and weaknesses
  • Science based communication techniques

Program Contact Info

Glynco (912) 554-4838

Program Registration