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Complete Practice Exam Set (PDF)

Legal Division Practice Exams for Use of Force, 4th Amendment, 5th and 6th Amendments, Courtroom Evidence, Electronic Law and Evidence, Federal Court Procedures, Federal Criminal Law, Courtroom Testimony, and Officer Liability.

FLETC Legal Division Practice Exam Guide, Notes for the student:

1.The purpose of the practice exams is to help students learn how to apply legal principles in a factual situation.

2.This practice exam may not address all the EPOs you are responsible for, orall the materials you must know to master an EPO. The student is responsible for knowing and mastering the EPOs.

3.These questions may be harder or easier than those found on the actual exam.

4.Reviewing the answers -even the correct ones -will help you master the principles.

5.Use a piece of paper to cover the answers on the bottom while you are answering the question.