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Combined Federal Campaign 2019

For Immediate Release
Combined Federal Campaign 2019

Dear Colleagues:

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) has geared up throughout the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This year's CFC theme is Show Some Love, which brings us together in the name of giving. Last year, federal employees across the nation and stationed around the world contributed more than $93 million to thousands of local, national, and international causes in both funds and volunteer time.

Today, the CFC is the most inclusive workplace giving campaign in the world with more than 20,000 nonprofit charitable organizations worldwide. The charities supported range from small community groups to large, well-known charities.

CFC offers a variety of options to donate – payroll deduction, credit card, eCheck, paper and online. Now there is also an option to donate time, allowing you to pledge volunteer hours, using personal time, to the charities of your choice.

Please join us in supporting the 2019 CFC Campaign. The following volunteers have graciously stepped up to the plate to assist with this year’s campaign. They should be obtaining CFC materials within the next week and should start communicating with you on how you may contribute to this worthwhile campaign. All contributions are voluntary and maybe submitted anomalously if you choose the secure online method.

Thanks in advance for your consideration in supporting this year’s campaign.



FLETC 2019 CFC Southeast Tristate Coordinator

FLETC CFC Campaign Manager
(912) 261-3608


Combined Federal Campaign of Desert Southwest

Loaned Executives
FLETC Office Of Artesia Operations

(575) 746-5759

Charleston, SC
Combined Federal Campaign of Carolinas


Loaned Executives/Key Workers
(843) 566-7706
(843) 745-2776

National Capital Region/Cheltenham, MD
Bay Area Combined Federal Campaign:

Campaign Manager
(301) 877-8428

Key Worker
(301) 877-8334

National Capital Region/Cheltenham, MD
Bay Area Combined Federal Campaign:

Campaign Manager
(301) 877-8428

Key Worker
(301) 877-8334

Glynco, GA
Southeast TriState - Zone 021:

Campaign Manager
(912) 261-3608

Key Workers
Director’s Office
(912) 267-2441
(912) 267-3812

Chief Financial Officer Directorate
(912) 261-3731

Chief Information Officer Directorate
(912) 261-4500
(912) 267-3497

Core Training Operations Directorate
(912) 267-2526

Mission Readiness and Support Directorate
(912) 267-2216
(912) 267-2521

Training Management Operations Directorate
(912) 261-4550

Technical Training Operations Directorate
(912) 267-3569

Participating Organization Representatives

Bureau of Prisons
(912) 261-3617

United States Park Police Training Academy
(912) 267-2368

Transportation Security Administration Training Academy
(912) 580-7403


Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
Protocol & Communications Office
Contact: 912-267-2447