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Combined Federal Campaign 2018 POC's


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CFC Volunteers

Artesia, NM
Combined Federal Campaign of Desert Southwest

Loan Executive

Ruth Simmons
FLETC Office Of Artesia Operations
(575) 746-5759


Key Workers

Joe Silva
General and Physical Division/PT Basic and Advanced Physical Training Branches
(575) 746-5988


Esther Mulligan-Van Sickle
General and Physical Training/General Training, Basic and Advanced Branches


Jodi Juneau
Driver and Firearms Training Division
(575) 746-5678


Autumn Rodriguez
Artesia Administrative Division
(575) 746-5745


Amanda Panzer
Artesia Administrative Division
(575) 748-8028


Dennis Johnson
US Border Patrol Academy
(575) 746-5760

Charleston, SC
Combined Federal Campaign of Carolinas

Loan Executives/Key Workers

Kelly Dangerfield
(843) 566-7706


Lori Esteves


National Capital Region/Cheltenham
Bay Area Combined Federal Campaign


Patricia “PJ” Cooksey
(301) 877-8579


James “Jim” Tabb
(301) 877-8337


Glynco, GA
Southeast Tri-State - Zone 021

Loan Executive

Keith Lee
(912) 261-3608


Key Workers

Bureau of Prisons


Jennifer Hansen
(912) 261-3617


Key Workers
Director’s Office


Jennifer Beuning
(912) 267-2441


JoEllen Finerfrock
(912) 267-3812


Chief Finance Officer Directorate


Mary Mercado
(912) 554-4325


Chief Information Officer Directorate


Michelle Hodges
(912) 267-3497


Core Training Operations Directorate


Mary Sue Harper
(912) 267-2526


Mission Readiness and Support Directorate


Christopher Blair
(912) 267-2047

Lori Flynn
(912) 267-2231

Brian Green
(912) 267-2216


Maaren Porter
(912) 267-2521


Elizabeth McGowan
(912) 261-4185


Jason Sevin
(912) 267-2048


Training Management Operations Directorate


Brian Tweed
(912) 267-3433



Technical Training Operations Directorate


Tony Pasqualichio
(912) 554-4818

Miriam L. Zoole
(912) 261-3785