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Annual FLETC Graduates Memorial Ceremony


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“Many of us who witness this ceremony has a personal connection with the souls whose names are on the memorial. Some of those honored souls were academy classmates of ours or assigned to the same office, or the same unit, or were close friends, or were family members,” Walters said.

The annual event honors FLETC basic training graduates who have died during their law enforcement careers in the line of duty. This ceremony paid homage to 46 graduates from the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Transportation Security Administration, United States Capitol Police, United States Customs and Border Protection, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the United States Marshals Service.

Director Walters said, “We recognize and appreciate that the loss you experienced is intensely personal, but you should also know that everyone who has ever carried the badge or supported the training of those officers, appreciates and will always appreciate the great gift that our brothers and sister officers, your loved ones, have given to all of us.”