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2018 Psychology Consortium








Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, Glynco, GA
2018 Psychology Consortium
“Critical Thinking in Law Enforcement: Adapting to a Changing Environment”
August 7-8, 2018


The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) Glynco, Georgia, will be hosting its 2018 Psychology Consortium on August 7-8, 2018. This year’s Consortium will address evolving trends in policing and relevant research related to:

  • Culture, cultural diversity, and bias
  • Critical thinking, strategic thinking, and decision making during human interactions
  • Developing research-based curriculum
  • Procedural justice and public trust
  • Communication and interpersonal dynamics during law enforcement interviews
  • Predictive policing, big data, and technology

The Psychology Consortium is a bi-annual showcase of social science research and scholarly knowledge presented by members of the academic and law enforcement communities. The FLETC continuously strives to incorporate innovative, researched-based information into their curriculum.

The collaboration between the Behavioral Science Division (BSD) Staff, Researchers, and other Subject Matter Experts continues to contribute greatly to the training of those Who Protect Our Homeland. Specifically, the sharing of research and evidence-based data to interviewing, communication, and other behavioral aspects of police training have greatly assisted in the development and implementation of the FLETC/BSD curriculum. The Psychology Consortium serves a critical role in facilitating this process by providing a venue for these various experts to come together to share research and expertise.   Stakeholders attending this Psychology Consortium include state, local and federal law enforcement; government agencies; academia; and non-governmental groups as well.


There is no conference fee for attendees of this two-day event. Attendees will be responsible, however for their own lodging, and transportation to and from the conference.


The conference is scheduled to be held at the FLETC-Glynco. Although there is no fee to attend this year’s Psychology Consortium, registration is still required for attendees and for guest access into the FLETC.

Please review and complete the appropriate FLETC Registration Form and return to

  • US born and US Naturalized:       
    • Must complete form FTC-OSPR-17z.
    • Copy of passport or NAT certificate. 
  • Foreign Nationals & Permanent Residents: Form FTC-OSPR-17b-2, Foreign National Request for Access: Information on Individual Foreign National (to be completed by Foreign National Applicant).
    • Copy of passport.
    • Copy of U.S. Visa, if applicable country
    • Letter from Regional Security Officer (RSO) if residing in another country.

As there is a processing time involved with each of these forms, it would be greatly beneficial if you could send them back at your earliest convenience.


Questions concerning this conference event should be directed to the Behavioral Science Division by email at or by contacting Training Technician Natile Vinson at (912) 267-2605.


On-center lodging at FLETC Glynco will not be available for this event.
A list of local hotels has been provided.

Registration Form (click here)