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At the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC), the Training Management Division (TMD) mission is to provide oversight, guidance, and support for the development, modification, accreditation and proactive implementation of client-based training programs and services to ensure that the Partner Organizations (POs) and their students receive world-class, state-of-the-art law enforcement training.  In furtherance of this mission, the TMD develops initiatives and policies, through partnership and coordination with our customers:  the POs, divisions, students, and staff, and identifies and provides the highest quality and up-to-date training utilizing the most cost-effective resources and methodologies.

The staff of the Training Management Division (TMD) is responsible for providing logistical and administrative assistance to the Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Training Management.

The TMD also serves as the program manager, facilitating the design, revision and implementation of training programs, as well as maintaining control over the FLETC lesson plans, syllabi, class reports, and assigned training programs.

The Chief of TMD serves as the FLETC Program Manager for all basic training programs. The TMD staff is responsible for coordinating the design, development, administration, and management of these training programs. These programs are designed to provide the new law enforcement officer or agent with the basic skills needed to properly perform their duties.

  • The lengths of the basic programs range from 3 to 18 weeks, depending upon the needs of the agencies. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Implementing the results of program conferences, training surveys, and policy decisions that relate to the revision of curricula, programs, subjects, or courses;
  • Assisting in the formulation of new procedures and policies to improve efficiency of operations;
  • Managing assigned training program responsibilities, including negotiations with agencies on program content and objectives, supervision of students, and other related administrative activities;
  • Facilitating the reviewing and processing of general correspondence, reports, lesson plans, syllabi, and class reports;
  • Preparing budget estimates and providing assistance in the administration of available funds to include internal allocation and the review/approval of purchase requisitions;
  • Analyzing operational problems and developing timely and economical solutions;
  • Serving as project coordinator for special assignments;
  • Analyzing the availability of training assets and resources;
  • Allocating training assets and resources to meet the needs of the various training programs;
  • Identifying potential shortfalls of training assets and resources;
  • Developing short-, mid- and long-term solutions to training asset and resources issues; and
  • Ensuring that all training is conducted at the highest quality levels while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


The Agency Advanced training programs are managed by TMD staff, along with the solicitation, gathering and analysis of the Annual Agency Training Projections; allocation of training slots; assignment of student housing; room and resource assignments; and the complete scheduling of all training programs conducted at the FLETC.