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Center Integrated Programs Branch (CIPB)

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The CIPB develops, designs, implements, manages and revises law enforcement training programs that provide needed basic and advanced law enforcement knowledge, skills and abilities to support the specific missions of individual Partner Organizations (PO). Programs managed by this branch encompass three categories of training: Center Integrated Basic (CIB), Agency Specific Basic (ASB), and Agency Advanced (AA).

Center Integrated Basic (CIB)

CIB training programs are provided to entry-level law enforcement personnel from a single Federal agency performing a unique law enforcement role.  The training provides the critical knowledge, skills and abilities needed to successfully transition into a field training program, and successful completion of the training is required before new law enforcement personnel receive initial work assignments.  In CIB training programs, all common and basic law enforcement knowledge, skills and abilities are taught by FLETC instructors, while the agency- and mission-specific knowledge, skills and abilities are taught by instructors employed by the specific  PO utilizing the training program.

Agency Specific Basic (ASB)

ASB training programs precede or follow one of the FLETC Center Basic or CIB training programs. These programs build upon the knowledge, skills and abilities learned in the CB, and provide agency- and mission-specific knowledge, skills and abilities to allow new law enforcement personnel to begin to support a specific law enforcement mission upon entering the field.  The majority of the training is provided by instructors employed by the specific PO, and FLETC instructional support is provided as requested.

Agency Advanced (AA)

Many PO’s have specialized training needs unique to their own agencies. These training needs build upon an employee’s field experience or prepare an employee for specialized tasks and assignments in his or her current position.  To that end, many PO’s conduct advanced training programs at the FLETC and utilize a wide array of advanced training facilities and assets.  Instruction for these programs may be provided solely by PO staff, a combination of FLETC and PO instructional staff, or solely by FLETC staff.  More than 20 of the Partner Organizations have training offices and staff at the FLETC to conduct and support AA training.  FLETC provides logistical support and facilitates all agency-specific training.

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Immigration & Customs Enforcement Deportation Integrated (ICE D)