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2012 FLETC Legal Division Audio Handbook

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2012 FLETC Legal Division Audio Handbook (PDF)
01 Authority and Jurisdiction of Federal Land Management Agencies (Mp3)
02 Conspiracy and Parties (Mp3)
03 Constitutional Law (Mp3)
04 Courtroom Evidence (Mp3)
05 Courtroom Testimony (Mp3)
06 Criminal Law - Introduction to Criminal Law Subpart A – Assault Subpart B – Bribery (Mp3)
07 Criminal Law - Subpart C – Federal Firearms Violations (Mp3)
08 Criminal Law - Subpart D – Federal Drug Offenses (Mp3)
09 Criminal Law - Subpart E - The Entrapment Offense (Mp3)
10 Criminal Law - Subpart F - False Statements (Mp3)
11 Criminal Law - Subpart G - Theft (Mp3)
12 Criminal Law - Subpart H - Federal Fraud Statutes (Mp3)
13 Electronic Law and Evidence (Mp3)
14 Federal Court Procedures - Sections I (Introduction) thru VIII(A) (Diplomats) (Mp3)
15 Federal Court Procedures - Section III(B) (Foreign Nationals) thru XI (Grand Jury Subpoenas) (Mp3)
16 Federal Court Procedures - Sections XII (Secrecy of Grand Jury Proceedings) thru XVII (Presentencing Investigations and Reports) (Mp3)
17 Fourth Amendment - Sections I (Introduction) thru IV (A Seizure) (Mp3)
18 Fourth Amendment - Sections V (Use of Race) thru VIII (The Plain View Doctrine) (Mp3)
19 Fourth Amendment - Sections IX (Arrest Warrants) thru XII (Protective Sweeps) (Mp3)
20 Fourth Amendment - Sections XIII (Searches Incident to Arrest) thru XVI (Telephonic Search Warrants) (Mp3)
21 Fourth Amendment - Sections XVII (Executing Search Warrants) thru XIX (Exigent Circumstances) (Mp3)
22 Fourth Amendment - Sections XX (Consent Searches) thru XXII (Administrative Searches) (Mp3)
23 Government Workplace Searches (Mp3)
24 Officer Liability (Mp3)
25 Searching and Seizing Computers (Mp3)
26 Fifth and Sixth Amendments (Mp3)
27 Use of Force (Mp3)

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