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Continuing Legal Education Training Program (CLETP)

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The Continuing Legal Education Training Program (CLETP) is an advance program designed to provide refresher training to field agents and officers in legal subject areas covering the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments, use of force, electronic law and evidence, civil liability, and recent statutes and rules changes.  All instruction is updated by a review of the most recent court decisions and legislative changes to the laws that are applicable to law enforcement agents and officers.  This training can prevent evidence admissibility problems, increase investigative skills in gathering evidence, and help agents and officers avoid being liable for alleged improper conduct. The CLETP meets the continuing training requirements of various agencies and departments. Upon completion of the program, students receive a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Certificate of Completion.

Type: Advanced

Length: The CLETP is two and a half instructional days (Tuesday – Thursday noon) and consists of nineteen (19) course hours.


  • Electronic Law and Evidence
  • Fifth and Sixth Amendments / Self-Incrimination
  • Fourth Amendment / Search and Seizure
  • Officer Liability
  • Use of Force
  • Statutes and Rules Update


On average, LGD instructors have over 17 years of law enforcement experience, either as judges, prosecuting attorneys in federal, state, and military courts, police legal advisors, counsel for law enforcement agencies, or as federal or state law enforcement officers.  LGD instructors are currently licensed to practice law in the highest courts of 15 states, numerous state, federal, and military courts, and the United States Supreme Court.  Individual LGD instructors have published articles in a variety of professional law enforcement publications, such as Police Chief Magazine, and one member of the LGD staff has authored a book entitled, “The Sixth Circuit Criminal Law Handbook.”

Tuition and Cost

(Agencies are billed directly for their officers and agents who attend.)

Glynco Programs: Tuition is approximately $650.00 per student. This includes lodging, meals, and training materials. It does not include the student’s travel cost.

Export Programs: Tuition is determined by the number of students that participate in the program. The total cost of the program is travel and per diem for two instructors plus training materials. The cost per student is the pro-rated cost of instructor travel and per diem plus approximately $30.00 for training materials.

Training Materials

Each student is given the following:

  • LGD Handbook
  • LGD Reference Book 
  • FLETC Miranda Card 
  • Other Handouts as determined by the Instructors

Registration Information

Export Programs

CLETP Coordinator
(912) 267-3429

Glynco Programs

Admissions Specialist
(912) 267-2269

Additional Information

Continuing Legal Education Credits

Past CLETPs have been approved for attorney Continuing Legal Education credits by several state bar associations.  Students are responsible for applying to their respective State Bar to obtain CLE credit. For assistance in obtaining CLE credits from your state bar, contact the CLETP Program Coordinator.

Training Dates and Other Items

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.