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Digital Photography for Law Enforcement Level 1 (DPLE1)

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This program has been approved by the Crime Scene Certification Board and the Forensic Photography Certification Board of the International Association for Identification (IAI) as meeting the requirements necessary for training and professional development towards crime scene and forensic photography certification/re-certification.

The Digital Photography For Law Enforcement Level 1 (DPLE 1) is an introductory digital photography course developed for law enforcement first responders and criminal investigators, who are responsible for photographically documenting crime scenes, traffic accident scenes, injuries, or any other type of evidence associated with a criminal investigation. This fast paced course begins with the fundamentals associated with controlling a photographic exposure using a Nikon Digital Single-lens Reflex (DSLR) camera system. Through a combination of lecture and scenario-based, hands-on laboratories, the student develops the necessary skills associated with properly operating a digital camera to capture the high quality evidence grade photographs required in law enforcement.  

Type: Basic

Length: 3 training days (including one night), conducted mid-week, with travel days on Monday and Friday.


The program consists of three days and one evening of comprehensive training including the following areas:

  • Principles of Photography
  • Introduction to DSLR Camera System
  • Close-up/Examination-quality Photography
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Low Light/Night Time Photography

All camera equipment needed during the course is provided for the student’s use, DSLR Camera System, Flash, Tripod, Filters, Scales/Markers and Laptop with Digital Imaging Software Package.


Instructional personnel in DPLE1 include senior law enforcement instructors with many years of extensive law enforcement photography and crime scene processing experience. Instructors maintain professional affiliation with the International Association for Identification (IAI) and ensure the curriculum reflects the most current and relevant information available in the field of forensic and law enforcement photography.

Tuition and Cost

  • Tuition costs for export programs are determined by the actual location of the training.
  • At export locations, lodging, meals and travel costs are the responsibility of the students and/or their agencies.
  • Tuition costs for Glynco based programs may be obtained by contacting the FLETC Training Admissions Specialist at (912) 267-2269 or via e-mail at

Prerequisites for Attendance

For acceptance into DPLE1, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

Be a full time sworn law enforcement officer/agent or a full time employee who is employed by a federal, state, local, campus, and tribal law enforcement agency or Fire Services Agency whose;

  • Primary or secondary duty includes investigative photography
  • Has the approval of their respective agency and,
  • Will be attending the training on agency time

Registration Information

For FLETC on-center training of this program, the Federal Agency Training Officer for your agency should contact the FLETC Training Admissions Specialist at (912) 267-2269 or via e-mail at for program/lodging costs and availability of allocations in this training program if you are interested in attending.

State/Local Employees

Contact FLETC Office of State and Local Training at the State/Local Employee Registration Website.

International (Non-US) Personnel

Should contact FLETC International Training and Technical Assistance at (912) 280-5353, Email:

International Training and Technical Assistance

Contact Information

Training Technician
Forensic Science Training Complex
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
1131 Chapel Crossing Rd, Bldg 890
Glynco, GA 31524
Phone: (912) 554-4828
Fax: (912) 267-3464

Training Dates

G_DPLE1-402 / Glynco, GA -- Sep 23, 2014 to Sep 25, 2014