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Advanced Forensics Techniques In Crime Scene Investigations (AFTCSI) - Level I

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The AFTCSI-I is designed for qualified law enforcement officers, criminal investigators, crime scene technicians, and civilians who have a background in crime scene processing and investigations. The program offers the student many laboratory and crime scene exercises to become proficient in the location, documentation, collection, and preservation of physical evidence commonly encountered at a crime scene. The class culminates in an eight hour practical exercise where the students will investigate and document a crime scene utilizing the new skills and techniques acquired during the program.

Type: Advanced

Length: 9 days


  • Role of Physical Evidence in Criminal Investigations
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Crime Scene Documentation (Reports and Sketches)
  • Biological and Trace Evidence
  • Latent Print Evidence
  • Death Investigations
  • Post-Mortem Prints
  • Impression Evidence
  • Crime Scene Diagramming Software

Most of the lectures will be followed by a lab where the student will execute the skills that were presented during the lecture in the classroom. Upon completion of the lab exercise, they will return to the classroom and the instructors will critique the results of the lab.


Instructional personnel in the AFTCSI-I include senior law enforcement officers/agents with vast experiences as crime scene investigators and have testified as expert witnesses in various forensic disciplines. All the AFTCSI instructors are well trained on the latest processing techniques and equipment used in crime scene investigations, and maintain professional affiliations and certifications, to include membership with the International Association of Identification, and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Tuition and Cost

Call (912) 554-4828 or send an email to: for the current costs.

Prerequisites for Attendance

For acceptance into the program, the applicant must be a full-time law enforcement agent/officer or a full-time permanent employee whose primary duty is the processing of crime scenes and the documentation, collection, processing and preservation of physical evidence for a Federal, State, County or Municipal Law Enforcement Agency. The applicant also must possess knowledge of basic crime scene digital photography and computers. Partner Organization personnel have first priority for selection.

Additional Information

  • Student capacity is 12.
  • IOD has the ability to set and modify this course upon a request from an agency who wishes to send 12 students and provides at least three months lead time.

Training Dates

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.