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Procurement Fraud Investigation Training Program (PFITP)

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This eight day program was designed, at the request of the Attorney General’s National Procurement Fraud Task Force Training Committee, for investigators (both criminal and non-criminal), auditors, analysts, and prosecutors who desire further training in the investigation of procurement fraud type offenses.  These types of investigations require an in-depth knowledge of the Government procurement process to identify where in the procurement cycle the alleged violations have occurred, and what documents are required to support these allegations. 

Successful completion of the PFITP will enable students to (1) identify in which phase of the five phases of the Government procurement process the alleged violations have occurred and what scheme was utilized to perpetrate the offense; (2) identify various investigative techniques that may be utilized to obtain the required documentation  to support the allegation(s) from both the Government files as well as the contractor’s records; (3) identify what steps in the investigative process are necessary to successfully document the violation; (4) identify and select investigative team members, define their duties and responsibilities; (5) demonstrate how to present these complex investigations to both prosecutors and administrative officials; and (6) demonstrate how case organization and presentation tools may be used to organize and present their investigative findings.

Type: Advanced

Length: The training program is eight days in duration, typically running from Tuesday of the first week until Friday of the following week. Classroom time is approximately 64 hours over the eight days.


  • The Government procurement process and schemes
  • Anti-Trust violations in the procurement process
  • The role of the auditor on the investigative team
  • The procurement fraud investigative process
  • The DOJ criminal attorney’s prospective and parallel proceedings
  • The DOJ civil attorney’s prospective and parallel proceedings
  • Suspension and Debarment programs, procedures and capabilities
  • Proactive investigative techniques

Prerequisites for Attendance

There are no prerequisites for this class, other than the participants must be in a law enforcement occupation and deal with a federal or state and local law enforcement agency.

Contact Information

Training Specialist
Investigative Operations Division
Bldg. TH381
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Glynco, GA  31524
Phone: (912) 267-3166
Fax: (912) 267-2500

Training Dates

G_PFITP-404 / Glynco, GA -- Sep 09, 2014 to Sep 18, 2014
G_PFITP-502 / Glynco, GA -- Mar 16, 2015 to Mar 25, 2015
G_PFITP-503 / Glynco, GA -- Aug 04, 2015 to Aug 13, 2015
G_PFITP-504 / Glynco, GA -- Sep 15, 2015 to Sep 24, 2015
G_XP_PFITP-501 / Irvine, CA -- Apr 14, 2015 to Apr 23, 2015