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Registration and Contact Information

Federal Employees (Other Than Inspector General Agency):

  • Contact FLETC Scheduler at (912) 267-2269

Federal Inspector General Agency:

  • Contact IGCIA Scheduler at (912) 267-3008

State/Local Employees:

International (Non-US) Personnel:

Export Programs:

Financial Fraud Institute

  • Contact FFI Training Specialist at (912) 267-3166
  • FAX: (912) 267-2500

Forensics and Special Investigative Skills

  • Contact FSI Training Technician at (912) 554-4828
  • FAX: (912) 267-3464

General Investigative Skills

  •  Contact GIS Training Technician at (912) 267-2107
  •  FAX: (912) 267-2346

Note: Registration for training programs is accepted only from the Training Officer or other responsible official of a law enforcement agency.