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Internet Investigations Training Program (IITP)

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Investigating the cyber criminal can be one of the most complex tasks facing the law enforcement professional today and requires a multidisciplinary approach supported by technical expertise that was not needed with traditional crime. The Internet Investigations Training Program (IITP) will focus on investigations and operations centered on the use of the internet and its many communities that are being exploited for criminal activity day to day.

The IITP will give the criminal investigator or analyst the basic understanding they need to conduct cyber-based investigations.

Type: Advanced


IITP is taught in two instructional modules; investigating internet crimes and conducting online investigations.  Internet investigations will focus on the examination of historical internet data such as emails and website posting to identify the author or originator of the internet activity by looking at system artifacts and attributes.  Online investigations will focus on the live and active interrogation of online data, such as investigating websites and attempting to determine their physical location. 

Students will be issued an investigative laptop computer and all the software used in the training program.  The students will be instructed how to properly configure their investigative computer and how to setup investigative profiles and personas.    Software will include, but not be limited to system archival and interrogation tools.  Student will perform various practical exercises to reinforce skill sets obtain during the training program.

Prerequisites for Attendance

The target audience will be Criminal Investigators, Non-Criminal Investigators, Criminal Analysts, Intelligence Analysts, and Intelligence Specialists from the federal, state and local law enforcement community who are tasked with conducting cybercrime investigations. Students should possess a working knowledge of computers, computer-related programs and the internet. This program is designed for agents and investigators and not computer forensic experts.

Registration Information

Information on seat availability, course cost and registration.

Contact Information

Training Specialist
Financial Fraud Institute
Investigative Operations Division
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Glynco, GA 31524
Phone: (912) 267-3166
Fax: (912) 267-2500

Training Dates

G_IITP-501 / Glynco, GA -- Dec 01, 2014 to Dec 12, 2014
G_IITP-502 / Glynco, GA -- May 11, 2015 to May 22, 2015
G_IITP-503 / Glynco, GA -- Jul 13, 2015 to Jul 24, 2015
G_IITP-504 / Glynco, GA -- Aug 17, 2015 to Aug 28, 2015
G_IITP-505 / Glynco, GA -- Sep 14, 2015 to Sep 25, 2015