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Case Organization and Presentation Training Program (COPTP)

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The Financial Fraud Institute has been actively monitoring the development of computer software that can assist criminal investigators to electronically organize and manage complex cases. Over the past few years, incredible strides have been made which allow the investigator to collect, store and retrieve information and evidence electronically through the use of specialized computer applications originally designed for the business community. This same digitized data can be used to create visually informative records and charts for use in investigative team briefings and/or presentations to a prosecutor or jury.

More importantly, the gradual transformation of the courtroom from traditional to high-tech is changing the way cases are presented. The new electronic environment in the courtroom permits judicial participants to electronically present their evidence in a more efficient and expedient manner through the use of computers, monitors, and document cameras. Evidence presented at trial or to a grand jury can now be highlighted or enlarged for a more thorough review by the jury or adjudicating official. Criminal investigators must stay abreast of these changes in order to remain at the forefront in the fight against crime.

COPTP will continue to change and evolve with new computer technology trends. The goal of this program is to provide students with the ability to identify and select the case organizational tools best suited for their particular needs and to be skillful in successfully presenting their findings in an effective and professional manner.

Type: Advanced

Length: The COPTP is an eight and a half (8.5) day program. It begins on Tuesday and ends on Friday at noon of the second (2nd) week.


  • Major Case Management
  • Prosecutors’ Perspective
  • Case Organization and Excel Spreadsheets
  • Database Inventories
  • Emerging Software
  • Electronic Courtroom
  • RFFlow Drawing Software
  • Integrating Audio and Video in Case Presentation
  • Presenting Geographical Information System Data 
  • Proper Handling and Validating of Digital Evidence
  • Creating Link Analysis Using Various Software Programs
  • Creating Timelines
  • Scanning and OCR
  • Electronic Bates Stamp and Bar-coding Documents
  • Database Options for Case Organization –
  • Investigative File Inventory
  • Student Presentations

Students will be evaluated by the creation and presentation of a case using skills and technology taught in the program.

Prerequisites for Attendance

The participant needs to have basic computer skills prior to enrolling in this program.

Contact Information

Training Specialist
Investigative Operations Division
Bldg. TH380
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Glynco, GA 31524
Phone: (912) 267-3166
Fax: (912) 267 2500

Training Dates and Other Items

Registration Information
G_COPTP-404 / Glynco, GA -- Sep 16, 2014 to Sep 26, 2014
G_COPTP-501 / Glynco, GA -- Oct 21, 2014 to Oct 31, 2014
G_COPTP-502 / Glynco, GA -- Feb 03, 2015 to Feb 13, 2015
G_COPTP-503 / Glynco, GA -- Feb 24, 2015 to Mar 06, 2015
G_COPTP-504 / Glynco, GA -- Apr 21, 2015 to May 01, 2015
G_COPTP-505 / Glynco, GA -- Jun 02, 2015 to Jun 12, 2015