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Precision Rifle Observer Training Program (PROP)

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The Precision Rifle Observer Training Program (PROP) is designed as a one week program that is structured to take the student from basic rifle nomenclature and weapons handling through various shooting positions and distances, both known and unknown. PROP provides advanced precision rifle training to the law enforcement officer/agent whose responsibility involves the issue of a precision rifle for possible duty-related incidents.

Type: Advanced

Length: 5 class days


  • Advanced Rifle Ballistics
  • Counter Sniper Tactics
  • Crisis Site Scenarios (Beginning to End .... Some Live Fire)
  • Data Book/Cold Bore Shot
  • Elevation Shooting/Varying Distances
  • Equipment Overview
  • Glass Deflection Demo/Drill
  • Moving Target Drills
  • Observation Techniques/Tactical Approach
  • Quick Reaction Drills
  • Reduced Light Shooting
  • Safety Rules/Regulations
  • Selection and Occupation of Positions
  • Unknown Distance Course Out to 600 Yards


Instructors assigned to coordinate and work with these programs have a significant background in law enforcement/military and special weapons training.  The instructional staff includes personnel from federal law enforcement, military, state and municipal law enforcement agencies.  All instructors assigned to teach in these programs attend special instructor training programs in the disciplines assigned.

Prerequisites for Attendance

For acceptance into the program, the student must meet the following criteria: the applicant must pass a FLETC health screening; must be in good physical condition; have completed a basic law enforcement academy; and be presently employed by a law enforcement agency as a sworn law enforcement officer, or active military. It is desirable but not mandatory that anyone participating in this training has completed a basic sniper or rifle training program.

Additional Information

Students are encouraged to bring their agency issued rifle and other equipment.  Ammunition and the FLETC student uniforms are provided.

Upon request, this program is also available as an export to an agency’s location.

Contact Information

If you need additional information or have questions about the advanced training programs offered by the FAD, please refer to the contact information below.

FAD, Building 166
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Glynco, GA  31524

Telephone:  912-267-2278

Training Dates

G_PROP-403 / Glynco, GA -- Sep 22, 2014 to Sep 26, 2014