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Interesting Facts About the Firearms Division

  • FAD has approximately 50 buildings that include indoor and outdoor firing ranges, offices, ammunition and weapons storage, equipment and supply storage spaces.
  • The indoor range complex and the outdoor ranges have a combined total of approximately 375 firing points for live fire training.
  • FAD has various training ranges to include interactive non-lethal training ammunition ranges used for scenario-based tactical firearms training.
  • FAD has four virtual firing ranges used to enhance marksmanship and tactical applications.
  • The instructor cadre consists of former law enforcement and/or military personnel who now work for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and current law enforcement personnel detailed from many of the Partner Organizations (PO).
  • FAD offers eight advanced firearms training programs. These programs are open to Federal, state, municipal, tribal and military law enforcement personnel. Some international law enforcement personnel attend these programs when sponsored by one of the Federal Partner Organizations.
  • FAD offers approximately 100 firearms courses.  Many of these are contained in the FLETC basic, agency basic and advanced law enforcement training programs.
  • FAD conducts advanced export training (off site) at other Federal, state, municipal, tribal and military facilities around the country on request.


FAD Innovations through the Years

  • 1978 - Developed the first electronic Firearms Training Simulator for law enforcement utilizing a video player to project a scenario onto a screen for law enforcement Judgment Pistol Shooting (JPS).  The unit was a beta vision video tape player that projected onto a white screen made of paper. Live handguns were used to fire special plastic projectiles.  A microphone picked up the shot sound and automatically paused the video scenario, allowing instructors to evaluate both the judgment and accuracy of the students.
  • 1985 - Developed first computer controlled Firearms Training Simulator using laser video disks with laser equipped handguns to improve on the original JPS system.
  • 1992 - Assisted F.A.T.S. (Firearms Training Systems, Inc.) with the first commercially produced and sold Firearms Judgment Training System for Law Enforcement.
  • 2000 - Worked with major ammunition manufacturers to develop the first frangible and reduced hazard ammunition for firearms training.
  • 2010 - In conjunction with military contractors, the FAD assisted in the development of the first law enforcement Virtual Force on Force Firearms Judgment Training Simulator System. This system takes the training to the next level allowing tactile feedback.  This simulator can fire non-lethal projectiles at the student for immediate feedback as to their use of concealment or cover while also allowing the student to utilize different job tools in conjunction with the simulations, e.g.- flashlight, pepper spray, electronic devices, etc. Students are critiqued on their decision making, articulation of the facts, and appropriate use of law enforcement equipment.
  • 2013 – Four virtual ranges using laser equipped firearms were constructed to enhance basic marksmanship and tactical applications.


If you need additional information or have questions about the advanced training programs offered by the Firearms Division, please contact the FAD Law Enforcement Program Specialist for Advanced Programs (See below for contact information).

Law Enforcement Program Specialist- FAD Advanced Programs
FAD, Building 221
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Glynco, GA  31524

Telephone:  (912) 267-2278