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Firearms Instructor Refresher Training Program (FIRTP)

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The Firearms Instructor Refresher Training Program (FIRTP) is a one week program, designed to update field firearms instructors with contemporary firearms issues, trends, tactics, and training techniques. Topics that become current and timely are integrated into the program. The program objectives are achieved through classroom discussions and practical hands-on exercises. All students are required to safely complete several dynamic "live fire" steel stress courses demonstrating individual firearms proficiency as a "shooter" and instructor skills as a coach. They will also actively participate as a team member tasked with the development of an interactive training exercise using specialized non-lethal marking cartridges. Participants should bring their agency issued handgun and leather/web gear for this training (no trigger finger manipulation, cross-draw or thigh holsters).

Type: Advanced

Length: 5 class days


  • Range/Off-Range Safety for FIRTP
  • Situation Awareness
  • Static Course Development
  • Reduced Light with Flashlight
  • Shotgun Drills for Instructors
  • Live Fire Cover Course
  • Dynamic and Interactive Course Development
  • Interactive Cover Drills (Level II)
  • Officer Liability
  • Judgment Pistol Shooting


Instructors assigned to coordinate and work with these programs have a significant background in law enforcement/military and special weapons training. The instructional staff includes personnel from federal, military, state and municipal law enforcement agencies. All instructors assigned to teach in these programs attend special instructor training programs in the disciplines assigned.

Prerequisites for Attendance

For acceptance into this program, the applicant must meet the following criteria: pass a FLETC health screening; have graduated from a Firearms Instructor School presented by such organizations as the FLETC, NRA, FBI/DEA, USSS or equivalent; be in good physical condition; actively engaged in firearms training; be agency-designated as a firearm’s instructor; and currently serving as a full-time law enforcement officer or active military. The Program Manager also recommends that the applicant be a graduate of an instructor development course offered by a recognized training academy. The applicant should be highly motivated to attend and have a minimum of one year since graduation from a firearms instructor school.

Additional Information

Students are encouraged to bring their issued semi-automatic pistol, issued leather gear (no trigger finger manipulation, cross-draw or thigh holsters) and a minimum of 3 magazines. Ammunition and range safety equipment will be provided as will the FLETC uniform.

Upon request, this program is also available as an export to an agency’s location.

Contact Information

If you need additional information or have questions about the advanced training programs offered by the FAD, please refer to the contact information below.

FAD, Building 166
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Glynco, GA  31524

Telephone:  (912) 267-2278


Training Dates

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.