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Field Training Evaluation Program (FTEP)

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The FTEP is designed to certify officers and agents as field training officers/agents. The course covers procedures, techniques, legal concerns, and general problems associated with field training instruction. The program focuses on the role of the field training instructor, training techniques, and assessment. Situational Leadership® II, the DISC behavioral analysis and the Attitude and Values online assessments are the foundations of the program for enhancing leadership qualities and techniques in the field trainer. Combining classroom lectures, in-class exercises and practical exercises in the program allows students to better comprehend the various field training assessment procedures.

Type: Advanced

Length: 5 class days


  • Goals and Objectives

  • Role of the Field Training Instructor

  • Officer Liability

  • Leadership through understanding Behavioral Diversity- the DISC Behavioral Analysis

  • Leadership and the One Minute Manager (Situational Leadership® II)

  • Leadership and Understanding Attitude, Values Principles and Ethics

  • Standard Evaluation Guidelines

  • Field Training Documentation

  • Principles of Adult Learning

  • Use of Force Refresher

  • Learning Methodologies

  • Remedial Training

  • Field Training Assessment Laboratory

Prerequisites for Attendance

All attendees are required to complete an online assessment prior to arriving to the Center.

Registration Information

Enrollment is accomplished by the agency training officer who will contact the FLETC at the following address and number:

FLETC Office of Training Support/TAC
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
1131 Chapel Crossing Road Glynco, GA 31524
(912) 267-2421

Contact Information

Questions concerning the course may be directed to the Enforcement Operations Division (912) 267-2599 or an e-mail to

Training Dates

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.