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Electronic Navigation Training Program (ENTP)

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The Electronic Navigation Training Program (ENTP) is three instructional days in length which is exportable. This course introduces the students to the principles of navigation. It describes decision processes made by the vessel commander (VC) or a marine enforcement officer (MEO), to navigate safely. The student will learn how to determine position, direction, and solve time, speed, and distance problems. Today’s navigation is highly dependent upon electronic plotters and receivers; when used properly they provide timely and accurate solutions. Following a needs assessment inquiry, it was determined that a high percentage of marine officers were working with and relying upon marine electronics to help fulfill their duties. Many marine officers and agents had been, and still are operating marine electronics with very little or no professional training. Since marine electronics are an important tool in the marine officer’s arsenal, it is imperative that they are able to operate this highly technical equipment with the utmost ability. The ENTP was created as an export program in order to be able to actually work hands on with students in their own working environment while onboard agency LEO vessels and training with the actual electronic equipment that will be used on patrol.

Type: Advanced


  • Proper use of Various Navigational Tools
  • Fix a Position on a Navigational Chart.
  • Plot and Properly label a Dead Reckoning plot
  • Basic Operating Principles of Radar
  • Basic Controls for Marine Radar and Chartplotter Units
  • Positioning Abilities of a Marine Radar Unit
  • Basic Operational Functions of a Marine Radar Unit
  • Basic Operational Functions of a Marine Radar Unit
  • Basic Operational Functions of an Integrated GPS Chartplotter


The lead instructors for the ENTP are current and former law enforcement officers with extensive experience piloting government, commercial, and civilian vessels. Marine instructors have extensive investigative and police experience with a multitude of federal and state agencies and many have served in the U.S. Coast Guard. These instructors are highly skilled and experienced with law enforcement functions on lakes and inland waterways.

Prerequisites for Attendance

For acceptance into this program, the individual should be a current law enforcement officer with full or part time marine law enforcement duties.

Contact Information

Training Dates

Exportable - Accepting Training Requests
XP_ENTP 501 / TBD -- Dec 02, 2014 to Dec 04, 2014