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Boat Operators Anti-Terrorism Training (BOAT)

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The Boat Operators Anti-Terrorism Training (BOAT) is a one week program designed to instruct the experienced marine law enforcement officer in advanced skills required to operate vessels in anti-terrorism/port security operations. This course of instruction provides students the skill to recognize potential terrorism targets, possible delivery methods and actions which might indicate terrorist or criminal activity. It instructs in the use of accepted terminology and tactics consistent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security standards and U.S. Coast Guard policy and procedures.

Type: Advanced


  • Boat Tactics Fixed Security Zone
  • Boat Tactics Moving Security Zone
  • Tactical Electronics
  • Maritime Law


The lead instructors for the BOAT are current and former law enforcement officers with extensive experience piloting government, commercial, and civilian vessels.  Marine instructors have extensive investigative and police experience with a multitude of federal and state agencies and many have served in the U.S. Coast Guard.  These instructors are experienced in conducting antiterrorist and port security operations in accordance with Department of Homeland Security and Coast Guard procedures.

Prerequisites for Attendance

The student must be a law enforcement officer whose duties include protecting high value assets in the marine environment. Upon arrival for training in the BOAT, students must have at least a basic knowledge, ability, and skill level necessary to operate a vessel 30 feet in length with twin outboard propulsion units on inland waterways. The BOAT program is not intended to teach basic seamanship and students that are unable to operate a vessel safely will be immediately removed from the program. Although not mandatory, the IBOT program is a good prerequisite for attendance. Students must be in good physical condition, capable of meeting established FLETC Physical Performance Requirements (PPRs) while enduring long periods of strenuous underway boat operations.

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Training Dates

BOAT 501 / Glynco, GA -- Nov 17, 2014 to Nov 21, 2014
BOAT 502 / Glynco, GA -- Apr 27, 2015 to May 01, 2015
BOAT 503 / Glynco, GA -- May 11, 2015 to May 15, 2015