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Vehicle Ambush Countermeasures Training Program (VACTP)

Up one level Vehicle Ambush Countermeasures Training Program (VACTP)

The Vehicle Ambush Countermeasures Training Program (VACTP) presents experienced drivers with some practical alternatives for the protection of their principles against vehicle ambushes and assassination attempts while in transit.  Through various instructional methodologies including lectures, discussions, and practical exercises, students will discover principles and techniques for deciding the appropriate countermeasures required during vehicle ambushes.  In addition, students are updated on current assassination attempts and applicable information regarding actual incidents.

Type: Advanced


  • Vehicle Motorcade Tactics
  • Advanced Vehicle Handling Skills/ Vehicle Dynamics
  • Advanced Technical Driving
  • Multi-Vehicle Precision Driving
  • Precision Immobilization Technique ( PIT )
  • High Center Of Gravity ( SUV's ) Training
  • Vehicle Ambush and Assassination Studies
  • Vehicle Ambush Scenarios
  • Vehicle Ambush Countermeasures


The lead instructors for the VACTP are current and former law enforcement officers and military veterans with extensive protective, investigative, and police experience from agencies such as: U.S. Park Police, U.S. Secret Service, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, numerous state and local agencies, and all branches of the military.  These instructors are experts on the techniques used to identify, avoid, and repel vehicle attacks and assassination attempts.  Instructors attend numerous advanced training courses from government and civilian sources and continually review contemporary case studies to hone the program content.

Prerequisites for Attendance

For acceptance into this program, individuals must be experienced drivers who are engaged in, or expected to be detailed to, protective service operations for Federal, State, or Local governments. They also must be in good physical condition and possess a valid driver’s license.

Contact Information

To contact the program coordinator please call:

Phone: 912-267-3235 or 912-267-2334
Fax: 912-267-2417


What clothes or equipment should I bring to the program?

Casual attire is recommended to be worn during this program.  Bring appropriate clothes for the climatic time of the year.

If you plan to use the gym or weight room facilities while at the FLETC you need only bring appropriate sport shoes.  Gym clothes are provided.

All classroom materials will be furnished by the Center.   The following items should be considered for outdoor use:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray

What climatic conditions should I expect?

The climate at the FLETC is relatively mild year-round with a mean temperature of 68 degrees. Temperatures may reach the mid 90's during the summer months, and down to the 20's in the winter months (January and February). Humidity is high year-round.

Training Dates

E_VACTP-501 / Cheltenham, MD -- Jun 15, 2015 to Jun 19, 2015
G_VACTP-501 / Glynco, GA -- Dec 15, 2014 to Dec 19, 2014
G_VACTP-502 / Glynco, GA -- Feb 02, 2015 to Feb 06, 2015
G_VACTP-503 / Glynco, GA -- Aug 31, 2015 to Sep 04, 2015