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Physical Security Training Program (PSTP)

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The PSTP is an introductory physical security training program designed to provide baseline knowledge of physical security systems and procedures. The survey process is the common thread used in teaching this program. The PSTP includes conceptual security considerations, vulnerabilities assessments, and familiarization with hardware and procedures. A comprehensive practical exercise is followed by a formal presentation of the survey results by each of the survey groups.

How You Will Benefit

The PSTP will provide the student with fundamental knowledge on many relevant physical security issues. Subject-matter expertise is provided by staff and guest instructors, utilizing lecture, active hands-on training, real-world demonstrations, and intellectually stimulating student centered learning methodologies. The two-week program culminates in a physical security survey of actual facilities at the Center.

Type: Advanced

Length: 10 class days.


  •     Access Control
  •     Improvised Explosive Devices
  •     Closed Circuit Television Systems
  •     Computer Security Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures
  •     Terrorism
  •     Weapons of Mass Destruction
  •     Guard Force
  •     Intrusion Detection Systems
  •     Security Locks and Locking Devices
  •     Operations Security (OPSEC)
  •     Perimeter Security
  •     Protective Lighting
  •     Risk Assessment
  •     Security Design
  •     Security Legal Considerations
  •     Security Survey Process
  •     Survey – Practical Exercise
  •     Theory of Physical Security and Crime Prevention
  •     Insider Threats / Workplace Violence
  •     Weapons/Explosives Detection
  •     Explosives Effects Demonstration


Instructors in the PSTP are current and former Federal law enforcement officers/agents, state and local law enforcement, former NCIS security specialist and former military.  All with experience in physical security.

Prerequisites for Attendance

Attendance is open to Federal, State and local law enforcement officers, investigators, and physical security specialists as well as the military and other U.S. Government agencies having physical security planning responsibilities. There are no physical security training prerequisites to attend. The PSTP is conducted at an introductory physical security training level; a refresher course for specialists with field experience.

Registration Information

The Federal Agency Training Officer for your agency should contact the FLETC Training Admissions Specialist at (912) 267-2269 or via e-mail @ for program/lodging costs and availability of allocations in this training program.

State/Local Employees

Contact FLETC Office of State and Local Training at the State/Local Employee Registration Website.

International (Non-US) Personnel

Should contact FLETC International Training and Technical Assistance at (912) 280-5353, Email:

Course Cost

This amount includes tuition, meals, lodging, and miscellaneous costs. This is a high-end estimate based upon the maximum possible lodging expenses if the class is housed off-Center in a hotel. If the class is housed on-Center in a dormitory, the lodging cost may be lower.


Your agency will be billed approximately 30 – 45 days after completion of the program. Please do not mail or bring a check with you to the training program, as the exact amount due will not be available until after completion of the training.


Upon arrival at the FLETC, please register at Building 1 (Visitors Center). The staff at Registration will issue an identification badge, class package, and lodging information upon your arrival. Please complete the registration form and present two copies when you register at Building 1. This will expedite the registration process and can greatly reduce your wait time at check-in.


All students traveling to the Center, including those driving, must call the Transportation Office, commercial (912) 267-2458/2468 as soon as transportation plans are firm and NO LATER THAN FIVE (5) WORKING DAYS PRIOR to class commencement to advise time and place of arrival. This information will confirm the program dates, and will schedule, if needed, appropriate ground transportation between commercial terminals and the Center. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT CALL WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED TRANSPORTATION. Transportation from the airports in Brunswick, Georgia, Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida  is available at any time. Please be sure to contact Transportation prior to your arrival if you need transportation from any of these airports – transportation is not guaranteed unless you make prior arrangements with the Transportation office


Please confirm that you plan to attend this training. It is FLETC policy to charge full tuition for participants who do not attend scheduled training and who do not notify us within 20 working days before the scheduled training date. If you cannot attend, it is essential that you notify CTD via email at immediately. A cancellation number will be issued for your records. The circumstances of cancellations received in this office too late to refill the training space will be considered by the FLETC on a case-by-case basis for payment or nonpayment.


Appropriate attire will consist of relaxed office or dress apparel (shirts must have a collar) as dictated by the activities of the course. Jogging suits, jeans, tee-shirts, shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, and similar leisure wear are not authorized for training use; denim jeans are acceptable only in lab or field exercises calling for rough wear or exposure to soil, chemicals, etc. In some advanced programs, students will receive FLETC or agency issued uniforms, which will be worn in accordance with FLETC regulations. The wearing of the FLETC issued training uniform, including those articles associated with physical training, is NOT authorized off- Center.

Additional Information


Official travel days are Sunday and Saturday. Attendees should not plan to travel on the day of graduation due to the length of the final practical exercise.

Special Equipment Needs

Students should bring a laptop computer.

Contact Information

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
CTD / TH391 - ATTN: Program Specialist
Glynco, GA 31524
FAX: (912) 267-3144

Training Dates

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.