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Seaport Security Antiterrorism Training Program (SSATP)

Up one level Seaport Security Antiterrorism Training Program (SSATP)

The Seaport Security Antiterrorism Training Program (SSATP) is specifically designed to meet security needs of Port Security personnel. Security at most seaports is accomplished by a cooperative effort of Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies. This program was developed to include all jurisdictions involved at the seaport and to address the needs of the personnel charged with safety and security functions. This unique program offers port and landside facility inspections created to harden layered seaport security and protect against acts of terrorism. The SSATP is conducted as a center advanced training program and is offered to law enforcement, military, and port authority personnel. This program is available as an Export.

Type: Advanced

Length: 4.5 days


  • Underwater Threats
  • Countermeasures and Technology
  • Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Maritime Piracy and Crimes
  • Seaport Operations
  • U.S.S Cole Case Study
  • Behavioral Analysis and Information Collection
  • Seaport Security Inspection
  • Small Vessel Threats
  • Contingency Planning and ICS
  • Seaport Assessment Survey
  • Hands-on exercise

Prerequisites for Attendance

The Seaport Security Antiterrorism Training Program is available to law enforcement officers, military and port authority personnel assigned to duties directly related to security and contingency planning for a seaport.

Contact Information

Charleston Maritime Training Branch

Phone: (843) 740-6638 (primary) and (843) 566-8517 (secondary)

Federal or Military Agencies/Students

1131 Chapel Crossing Rd., Brunswick, GA 31524, (912) 267-2269

State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies/Students

Office of State and Local Training, 1131 Chapel Crossing Rd. Brunswick, GA 31524, 1-800-743-5382 EXT 4550.


Training Dates

SSATP-501 / Charleston, SC -- Oct 27, 2014 to Oct 31, 2014
SSATP-502 / Charleston, SC -- Jan 05, 2015 to Jan 09, 2015
SSATP-503 / Charleston, SC -- Mar 30, 2015 to Apr 03, 2015
SSATP-504 / Charleston, SC -- Jul 13, 2015 to Jul 17, 2015