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Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program (ASTITP)

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The Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program (ASTITP) is designed to qualify the student to be a field training agent or officer by providing them with high quality training and instilling the analytical knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for the highest proficiency in this specialized field. The course takes Active Shooter Threat Tactics Training to the next level by emphasizing leadership; teach backs, and adult learning as well as the traditional technical skills needed by field training officers and special agents. This course is an intensive 48 hour training program that covers a variety of tactical subject matters to include; Individual and team movement and operational formation. In addition, this program focuses on the role of the field trainer and emphasizes evaluation skills and documentation requirements. Upon successful completion of the course, each student will receive a certificate of completion and will be officially recognized as an Active Shooter Threat Tactics Instructor.

Type: Advanced

Length: 5 class days.


  • Introduction to Active Threats
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Basic Tactics
  • Officer Down Rescue Techniques
  • Individual Tactical Skills
  • Team Operations
  • Instructor Methodologies (Teachback)
  • Scenario Development
  • Non-Lethal Training Ammunition
  • Tactical Simulation Drills 

Course Requirements

  • Attend and successfully complete all components of training.  Late arrivals and early dismissals are not permitted.
  • Skill performance Practical Exercise.
  • Must be able to participate in Intensive Training lasting up to 10 hours per day and not have any medical restrictions.
  • Pre-registration is required.

Students need to bring

  • Duty gear with training weapon if available (Glock or Sig)
  • Flashlights
  • Camelback or other means of hydration
  • Appropriate wear (BDU, Agency t-shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve), boots, etc)
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are recommend but not required
  • Bug Spray

Registration Information

Registration: FLETC Office of Training Support/TAC
Federal law Enforcement Training Center
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Glynco, GA 31524
(912) 267-2421

Additional Information

  • Multiple lodging options are available at the FLETC to include meals, call (912) 267-2421 for details. 
  • Questions concerning the course or export training may be directed to the Enforcement Operation Division (Tactical Applications Branch), (912)267-2649.
  • Training Dates

    There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.