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Survival Shooting Training Program

The Survival Shooting Training Program is a dynamic five day training program specifically designed to develop survival/reactive shooting skills.  These skills are designed to be applied in any stressful situation. The student learns to apply the reactive shooting concept to virtually any handgun or shoulder mounted weapon used in law enforcement or military today.  This program focuses primarily on the semi-automatic pistol, with additional emphasis on shoulder mounted weapons (the submachine gun, M-4/M-16, and shotgun based on agency long gun use.)  Ultimately, this training program helps prepare LEOs to survive a deadly force confrontation through competent decision making and confident gun handling skills.

Type: Advanced

Length: 5 class days


All skills are consistent throughout with both handgun and shoulder mounted weapons

During the course, the student is required to demonstrate:

  • Safe weapons handling skills and operations of associated weapons
  • Combat mindset.
  • Reactive shooting fundamentals
  • Grip, draw, presentation and movement while shooting
  • Extreme Close Quarters Shooting
  • Transition drills
  • One Hand Survival Techniques
  • Down and/or Disabled Officer techniques (shooting from alternate positions)
  • Drills include, but are not limited to reloads, multiple targets, one hand, support hand/bilateral, cover/concealment, and shooting from vehicles
  • Force on Force training using non-lethal training ammunition

Tuition and Cost

Tuition is free. Students will be responsible for travel, meals and lodging.

Prerequisites for Attendance

Qualified applicants must be full-time, sworn law enforcement peace officers, be in good physical condition and, at minimum, has successfully completed a basic firearms training program.

Registration Information

The best way to register is via the on-line registration system. This system allows you to register at your convenience, change your courses, cancel out of a program, and receive electronic feedback on the status of your request.

  • Create an Account  — This link will allow you to apply for all training programs. It also lets you track your training once you have applied. After signing up for the account, you will receive a user name and password by email. Then, you will be ready to sign in and request a seat in training programs.
  • Training Account Login — Use this link if you have read the information (above) and already have a FLETC Training Account.

Contact Information

If you have questions or need additional information, contact us at: or call 1-800-743-5382 and reference this program.

Training Dates

Westhampton, NY -- Aug 25, 2014 to Aug 29, 2014