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NEVO/Skid Control/Distracted Driving In-Service

The NEVO/Skid Control/Distracted Driving In-Service is a practical driving course focusing on improving an officer’s driving awareness, judgment and skills. Non-Emergency Vehicle Operations (NEVO) focuses on every day driving skills utilizing a driving course with eleven different skill areas. The Skid Control training focuses on inducing vehicle skids in a controlled environment so that proper skid recovery techniques may be employed. The Law Enforcement Distracted Driving awareness will expose the officer or agent to the job related distractions inherent to our profession and encourages law enforcement personnel to drive more responsibly.  The goal of this in-service training is to improve the odds of officers being able to avoid preventable vehicular crashes. 

Type: In-Service

Length: 1 day

Curriculum includes:

  • Orientation and Safety Brief, Distracted Driving Awareness
  • NEVO
    • Parallel Park (Driver and Passenger Side)
    • Three Point Turn
    • Backing Serpentine
    • Forward Serpentine
    • Figure Eight
    • T-Turn
  • Skid Control
    • Steering Techniques
    • Braking Techniques
    • ABS and Front Brake Disabled Vehicles
    • Sneaky Brake Vehicles


Qualified applicants must be full-time, sworn state, local or tribal law enforcement peace officers.


TUITION-FREE Attendees are responsible for all travel, lodging and meal expenses.

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Additional Information

If you have questions or need additional information, contact us at or call 800-743-5382.

Training Dates

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.