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Hidden Weapons Workshop / In-Service

This 1-day course will identify common and uncommon concealment areas in household items, internet purchased items, altered item and specially designed items all made with criminal intent to conceal dangerous weapons.  This course will also give specific reminders of Officer Safety and tactical advantage procedures which all levels of law enforcement should utilize every day.  Students gain knowledge and concepts where concealed dangerous weapons can be placed within numerous items.  Varieties of tools are shown so that the student(s) comprehend how they are used to discover concealed weapons and how to survive these situations.

Who Should Attend

Qualified applicants must be full-time, sworn law enforcement peace officers.


TUITION-FREE Attendees are responsible for all travel, lodging and meal expenses.

Registration Information

If you prefer to go directly to the registration database, or if you already have an account and password, go to

Additional Information

Call 1-800-743-5382 or E-mail us at  and reference the name of the program.

Training Dates

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.